Seven Anti-aging Tips for Women in Their Forties

Skincare is crucial when you reach your forties as it is around this time that most women start to show their age. There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and wondering where our youthful looks have gone. While it is impossible to stop ageing altogether, you can still slow it down by following our top 7 anti-ageing tips for women in their 40s.

● Drink Plenty of Water Every Day

Dehydration makes your skin look dull and dry, and it also causes wrinkles and fine lines appear worse. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated. Using facial oil on wrinkles and other fine lines is another way to increase the elasticity of older skin. Marula oil and argan oil are two such oils.

● Maintain Regular Check-ups

Regular health checkups can catch disease-causing factors early. These check-ups will also improve your quality of life and overall feeling of wellness. If you want to maintain a youthful and vibrant look for the rest of your life, you need to take care of your skin.

● Enjoy a Healthy Diet

You should avoid sugary foods and avoid foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. You should also limit the amount of salt you eat. Eating smaller portions of food is also important. Excessive salt can lead to premature ageing.

● Consider Collagen Supplements

Collagen powder supplements can help slow the ageing process. They are available as powders, liquids, and pills. Powders can be mixed with drinks, sprinkled on food, and even made into meal replacement shakes. If you are taking a collagen powder supplement, you must follow the label’s instructions. Also, avoid those that contain fillers and artificial flavours.

● Use a Quality Moisturiser

Another great anti-ageing tip is to apply moisturizer to your hands and neck. These areas tend to show signs of ageing faster than the rest of your face. If you wear gloves, you’ll reduce the signs of ageing on your hands. Coconut oil has a high hydrophilic content, which can help to increase the rate of cellular turnover in your hands.

● Regularly Wash Your Face

Another way to combat skin ageing is to wash your face. It can prevent dead skin cells from settling into your pores. Excessive makeup can also cause blackheads and acne. Washing your face twice a day is an easy way to minimize the signs of ageing.

● Wear Sunscreen

You should also wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Sunscreen protects the skin against UV rays, which can cause permanent lines and wrinkles. It also helps prevent skin cancer. Plus, wearing sunglasses while in the sun can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the eyes.

The Takeaway

It might seem that you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to ageing. However, if you can make use of the tips given above, you will stand a much better chance of looking younger than your age. The more you do now, the more your skin will benefit in the years to come.


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