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Tell me a story Jackanory

Did you know that May is National Share a Story Month?

Me neither, well not until Anna, from Anna’s Bookshop sent us a couple of books over.

I haven’t read a grown up book since I was pregnant with Aoife, (coincidence?) but I have always loved reading.

For me, reading is about growing imagination.
The words in a book are the same to anyone who reads them but the interpretation and pictures envoked are unique to the reader.
Words that are used with barely a thought on a daily basis, are woven together in such a way they can have a reader almost believe they are within an experience.

It’s magic!
A gift I wish I were blessed with.

Luckily, both of our children love reading and hearing stories and I am able to start reliving the books of my youth through them.

My favourite book as a child was The Phantom Tollbooth – an adventure through the Kingdom of Wisdom to free the Princesses Rhyme and Reason whilst getting lost in the Doldrums and jumping to Conclusion. It was an adventure and an education all in one. I have a copy ready to read with Aoife when she will let me!

As it is National Share a Story month, I asked some lovely people in the internet to share their favourite childhood stories with me.

I can’t remember any from when I was younger but my favourite to read for Lucas is ‘Giraffes can’t dance‘. I love how it shows you can do what you want to make you feel happy rather than follow what everyone else says.
Jenni, Chilling with Lucas


As a child I loved Tim and the Witches by Sheila K McCullagh. Each book was full of magic and adventure and they were just so much fun to read.
My favourite book at school was (and still is) The Catcher in the Rye. I always liked the way it was written and the language. I think I read it originally because it was a banned book during the 70s in the US and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.
Kayleigh, who’s written about her recent favourite reads on Inspire Gratitude & Manifest

Mine was the Narnia series I used to look for Narnia in every wardrobe. More than once. I was convinced one day I’d find it. Possibly this is Narnia and I ought to be heading home ?
The idea of there being another world through a piece of furniture still fascinates me to this day!
Later on was Sweet Valley High – I was a soppy teenager who wanted a boyfriend –
Erica, The Incidental Parent

I loved The BFG and The Twits as a child. Then Of Mice and Men when we studied it at secondary school… BFG because it is funny, heartwarming and has the best descriptions of all the giants, I used to love that as a kid. The Twits was hilarious and Roald Dahl just had a way of making it all come to life with his gruesome yet funny writing. Of mice and men because it covered so many subjects and when we delved into that in English I was fascinated. I also loved that it was a book you were taught about. No happy ever afters. I have bought the book as an adult and still read it every now and then.
Emma Reed

Anything Enid Blyton or Arthur Ransome – I loved and still love adventure stories, you can lose yourself in a world of fun. 
Lisa, Pass the Prosecco Please

I was a huge Famous Five fan. All those adventures and solving mysteries. Not to mention the lashings of ginger beer.
Nikki, Cute and Curvy Brides


We shared ours now you share yours!
What was your favourite story as a child?

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