Time for a Funkin’ Cocktail!

Well hello dear reader! 

It’s been a while, a LONG while since I’ve written anything. I’m sure you’ve missed my insight and wit in your eyeballs! 

No? Fair dos! 

“So” I hear you cry “what has bought you out of your writing hiatus?” 
The same thing that brings me out of everything…alcohol.

Funkin’ cocktails got in touch asking if I wanted to review some of their ready mixed cocktails and who am I to refuse? 

Established in 1999, Funkin’ cocktails cemented themselves as a prime supplier of cocktail syrups and mixers to bars. More recently, they have branched out into creating ready mix cocktails in cans so that us mere mortals who do not flare can enjoy the perfect cocktail with minimum effort at home. Ideal. 

I was sent a selection of their cocktails – Espresso Martini, Peach on the Beach, Pina Colada, Passionfruit Martini and Spiced Rum Zombie. As a diligent reviewer, I tried them all for you.  These 200ml cans are infused with nitrogen “for a velvety texture and smooth head.” Now, I’m not entirely sure what that means but the cans do open with a satisfying hiss. It’s the small things. 

Of the flavours I was sent Spiced Rum Zombie was definitely the winner for me. A simple pineapple and rum cocktail, ideal for those summer vibes. The Espresso Martini was a very close second. Priced at around £2.20 per can, Funkin’ cocktails are perfect to have in the fridge, chilled and ready for those unexpected sunny days in the garden. 

Stockists of Funkin’ Cocktails include Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Amazon
Grab yourself a can of sunshine! 




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