Setting A Healthy Example For Your Kids

Your kids look up to you, and as a parent, that’s often a hard thing to be reminded of. It’s wonderful that you’re the first person they come to, of course! But when you think about your own unhealthy habits, and the idea that your kids might quickly pick them up too, the anxiety can set in. You want your kids to be able to look after themselves and grow up knowing how to have fun, but also how to stay safe at the same time. And that’s why it’s so important to showcase a healthy example, even when you’re feeling rough and run down. So, here’s how to make sure you can do that! 

Do Your Healthy Habits Together

The more you go through the motions of healthy habits with your kids, the easier it’s going to be to get them to brush their teeth, eat their vegetables, and go to bed on time on their own. It’s the best way to set a healthy example – you’re right there next to them doing everything together! And like the old proverb says, the more you ‘practise what you preach’, the more your kids are going to believe you. 

Showcase Your Active Hobbies

If you’re a fan of Netflix binges while eating ice cream, or you love playing video games for hours on end on the Switch, that’s fine! But if you’ve got kids, it’s best to showcase a variety of hobbies, and especially a couple physically active activities. From running to swimming outside, to staying indoors and playing physical games on your favourite console – these all count! 

Be Honest About Your Feelings

The way you feel about things doesn’t need to be hidden. If you’re afraid of an upcoming gallbladder removal surgery, don’t keep this from your kids. Let them know it’s OK to be afraid of something, but that doesn’t mean you should run from it. 

And in a world where visiting the doctors is super scary as a child, knowing that mum and dad go through the same thing is crucial to helping them adjust! If they know that you know how it feels, you can easily talk them through their fears and support them as they go. 

Admit Your Mistakes Openly

If you can own up to a mistake in the moment, and apologise for things that might upset, confuse, or anger your children, you’ll soon teach them to do the same thing. When they’ve done something wrong, they won’t find it hard to admit what they’ve done, because you do the same thing. 

And when you do this, you show that while it can be hard, it’s the best thing to do. No need for lying, no need for sulking or pretending nothing is wrong – they know it’s OK to be wrong and say so out loud. That’s very healthy! 

Setting a healthy example for your kids doesn’t happen by accident. So, the more you know about how kids learn, the better! 

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