11 Fun Piercing Trends for 2023

Piercings have become a vital part of personal identity and style. With people choosing to embellish various body parts, from the subtlest places to the most visible and bold locations, piercings are no longer confined to the ears. The world of piercings is now a melting pot of designs, arrangements, and jewelry materials. It is a way to express personal creativity and individuality!

Piercing trends in 2023 are a blend of past and future, minimalism and extravagance, and traditional and unconventional styles. This year’s piercing trends have shown a keen inclination toward personalization, allowing wearers to make unique style statements. So, whether you’re considering your first piercing or looking to add another one to your collection, the following fun piercing trends of 2023 will provide inspiration for your next piercing venture.

Classic Piercings

The allure of the past continues to captivate, as is evident in the resurgence of classic piercings in 2023. These enduring styles, once considered commonplace, are making a stylish comeback. They elegantly weave the nostalgia of yesteryears into the fabric of contemporary aesthetics. The modest earlobe piercing, for instance, has found a new audience. Stacked lobe piercings, involving a series of adornments along the earlobe, embody an elegant sophistication and are currently enjoying considerable popularity.

Ashley Lip Piercing

Making a distinct impression on the fashion-forward crowd is the Ashley lip piercing. This style, which sets itself apart by featuring a singular point in the center of the bottom lip, is a minimalist yet bold fashion statement. This year, the Ashley lip piercing rings are the talk of the town. They are known for their allure and intrigue and offer a range of designs that cater to various aesthetic preferences.

Industrial Piercings

For those with an affinity for audacious styles, industrial piercings are pushing boundaries in 2023. This style, which involves a bar connecting two pierced points in the ear, is not for the faint-hearted. The traditional straight bar is creatively reimagined with custom-bent shapes, adding a fresh perspective to the industrial aesthetic. Furthermore, the incorporation of vibrant colors and unique designs transforms these piercings from a counterculture symbol into a mainstream trendsetter.

Surface Piercings

As the quest for individuality grows stronger, surface piercings are gaining popularity. These piercings can be placed on nearly any flat body area, providing a vast canvas for creativity. Their unique aesthetic appeal stems from the illusion they create of jewelry floating on the skin, making them a perfect choice for those who seek to push boundaries in personal style. 

Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage piercings are no strangers to the spotlight, but this year they’re taking creativity to a whole new level. Combinations of tragus and conch piercings are trending, allowing for an edgier look. The artistry lies in the arrangement, with clusters of tiny studs or hoops creating a constellation effect that is as striking as it is beautiful. Whether it’s a singular statement piece or a harmonious combination of several smaller ones, cartilage piercings are proving to be a canvas for showcasing personal style.

Daith Piercings 

In the intersection of fashion and wellness, Daith piercings have found their unique spot. The piercing, located in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear, has been linked to migraine relief, garnering attention in both the piercing and health communities. Though scientific evidence is limited, many anecdotal reports claim a decrease in migraine frequency post-piercing, making it a trend with potential benefits beyond the aesthetic. In 2023, expect to see Daith piercings adorned with delicate, intricate jewelry, further enhancing their appeal.

Eyebrow Piercings

While eyebrow piercings were once seen as emblematic of the rebellious punk rock era, they’re now making a comeback with a contemporary twist. Eyebrow piercings in 2023 have evolved beyond a symbol of counterculture and are transitioning into a fashion-forward statement. The placement has a lot to do with this reinvention. Instead of the traditional horizontal piercing through the eyebrow, expect to see vertical and angled eyebrow piercings making waves. Adorned with dainty barbells or hoops, these piercings provide a sleek, edgy touch to any look.

Orbital Piercings

A step up from the standard earlobe piercing, orbital piercings are coming into their own in 2023. A single piece of jewelry, usually a hoop, is threaded through two holes in the ear. While the lobe is a common site, unique placements such as the helix or conch add a unique twist to this traditional piercing. 2023 sees orbital piercings experimenting with larger, chunkier hoops for a statement look or delicate, gem-studded ones for a touch of elegance.

Navel Piercings

If you thought navel piercings were a thing of the past, think again. These ’90s staples are making a fashionable comeback, and this time they’re not just for crop-top weather. With a resurgence of high-waist fashion and sheer fabrics, navel piercings are back in the spotlight. Modern interpretations of this classic piercing are playing with placement, including upper and lower navel options. Jewelry choices range from delicate dangly pieces to sleek, minimalist barbells.

Dermal Piercings

Dermal or single-point piercings have piqued interest for their unique ability to be placed nearly anywhere on the body. Their emergence as a trend in 2023 is due to the unlimited creative potential they offer. Whether it’s on the nape of the neck, the collarbone, or even on the face, dermal piercings allow for personal expression like no other. With the ability to customize a range of jewelry designs, these piercings can be as bold or as subtle as the wearer decides.

Helix Piercings

This year, helix piercings have emerged as a platform for creativity and individual expression. Customization is key. Many people choose unique jewelry pieces or curate a mix of designs to adorn their helix. This is accompanied by an increased interest in mixing metals and shapes and even integrating precious gemstones into the designs, allowing each individual to create a look that is uniquely their own.

Moreover, forward helix piercings, located at the front of the ear’s upper cartilage, have also gained momentum in 2023. Their position offers a slightly more visible and distinct aesthetic, further diversifying the options for helix piercings.


Body piercings have grown beyond being mere fashion statements; they are now powerful modes of self-expression and individualism. The year 2023 presents an eclectic mix of piercing trends, ranging from the classic and time-honored to the modern and unconventional. These trends, in their unique ways, allow us to explore our personal style, push aesthetic boundaries, and redefine what it means to be fashionable!


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