Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations for Summer 2024.

With the excitement of the festive period now behind us, we have the blank page of a new year to look forward to – and a great many holiday opportunities to consider too! Indeed, with the drudgery of these first few cold months ahead, now could be the perfect time to think about what the summer might hold for you and your family.

Of course, international travel is still a bridge too far for many, as the general cost of living remains altogether high. This, though, shouldn’t impact the enjoyment you and yours get to experience on your summer holidays; after all, there are innumerable places right here in the British Isles that can provide family-friendly fun for all concerned. Why not turn your summer into a travel adventure with these incredible destinations?

The Bones of a Summer Staycation

Before we touch on the great places you could be visiting on home soil, let’s first think about their shape – or, more accurately, how you might maximise the family fun in travelling the UK. The conventional hotel or bed and breakfast is quintessential, but can also be limiting if you really want to get out there and make the most of your time.

For this reason, camping or caravanning can be a golden opportunity to adventure. Not only are they cheaper than finding accommodation, but they also put you right in the thick of rural adventure! If you’re caravanning, you will of course need all the right gubbins to do so safely – think campervan insurance to keep the value of your transport safe, and backup equipment for safety in the event of a breakdown. Peace of mind secured, where should you travel to?


Cornwall is the archetypal staycation destination, being a stunning region of natural and cultural beauty both. The coastline is a joy to behold, and even more of a joy to tour by car; the beaches are classic and quaint English fare, and the ideal destination for younger ones excited by warmer weather.

Lake District

Another iconic and family-friendly destination is the Lake District, a sprawling national park in the North-West that contains some of the most majestic forest landscapes you will see this side of Germany. The glacial waters of Windermere and Ullswater are peaceful and edifying in one, while the valley walks of Borrowdale simply have to be seen to be believed. This is also one of the most camping-friendly places in England, so pack well for a week of fun!

Isle of Wight

Staying ‘local’ doesn’t mean you have to remain ‘on-shore’, so to speak. It’s in the name ‘the British Isles’; there are islands to explore! The Isle of Wight is a jewel amongst them, and easy enough to get to by campervan. Once there, you can enjoy the ludicrously picturesque beaches and near-Mediterranean climate, the perfect breeding ground for kid-friendly fun in the sun and a worry-free afternoon for the parents.

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