How to add character to a new-build home.

Moving house, or looking to get on the property ladder soon?

Buying a new-build home might feel daunting, especially if you’re thinking of changing its layout or design. Fortunately, with some time, basic DIY skills and a creative eye, the space will soon feel completely and uniquely yours.

No matter whether you’re choosing a terraced or detached house, it’s important to focus on the potential you see from the property. Most importantly, you can always find ways to turn a new-build house into your home. We’ve listed a few of them below.

Four steps to redesigning your new-build home

Find your style

Knowing your own tastes is imperative in deciding which style of décor you’d like to see in your home. Don’t splurge on expensive furniture and furnishings until you know exactly how you’d like your new home to look.

Finding your style takes time, but it shouldn’t feel like a daunting process. You’ll learn more than you expect just by viewing properties and spotting the features that draw you in – or push you out! While seeking inspiration from other interiors is incredibly useful, it’s vital that you don’t ‘copy and paste’ other people’s ideas. Your home should be personal!

Focus on outdoor spaces

Every new homeowner dreams of the perfect garden, so you’ll want to spend some time making yours feel special. Luckily, many new build homes now feature extensive lawn space, perfect for playing or entertaining. If you’re feeling eco-friendly, you could even grow wildflowers for the bees. This is just one way to let your garden reflect who you are!

Try not to see it as a burden: the more you put into your outdoor space, the more you get back. That applies both to how much money you spend – and the time you can spend enjoying the space. In fact, it’s widely known that gardening makes us feel better in so many ways.

Add custom, built-in storage solutions

There’s no avoiding furniture, but choosing it carefully is vital in any thoughtfully designed interior. Getting bulky, obtrusive or mismatched furniture could seriously impact the atmosphere and sense of balance in your interior.

To set your home apart from the crowds, why not opt for custom built-in furniture? This approach not only helps you to store your belongings in an organised way but makes a serious difference aesthetically. In an understairs alcove or bay window space, storage also serves a practical function as a seating area or desk.

Decorate the walls

Lastly, adding some colour and texture to the walls is guaranteed to give your home more character. DIY panelling, for example, is a fantastic way to create a stylish – and it’s particularly popular in renovated living areas and dining rooms.

Any rooms with long, wide or plain walls benefit from artworks, photographs or prints hung up in a tasteful way. Unless you love maximalism, we wouldn’t recommend going overboard, though. Just one or two statement pieces make a wonderful addition to any house.


Whether you’re taking your first steps on the ladder or supporting someone else who is, it’s worth knowing how to add character and personality to a new build. Painting, decorating and landscaping take time, but you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

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