Choosing The Right Style Glasses for The Shape Of Your Face

Choosing glasses can be tricky at times, especially if you are alone at the opticians and feel rushed to make a decision. However, your glasses will be a prominent feature on your face, and you want to choose a pair that are the right fit for you and look good. Your optician will take care of the lens part so you can see clearly through them; you just need to choose the right type of frame for your face. The shape of your face can often dictate the best style of frames for you.

Luckily, when you have found the right style frame, you can just change the lenses as required should your prescription change or you need oakley replacement lenses. This removes the need to constantly find new glasses if you find a comfortable pair and perfect for your face.

But what is the best way to do this?

Oval Shape

If you have an oval shaped face, your face is properly proportioned with a rounded chin and forehead. So most frame styles look terrific on an oval face, which is often longer than wide. To retain this natural proportion, choose frames that are as wide as your face’s broadest point. Think big or striking shapes, like aviators.

Diamond Shape

Diamond-shaped faces have narrow eyes, jawlines, and broad, high cheekbones and are the rarest face shape! Bringing focus to your eyes will give your face more width and equilibrium. Look for semi-rimless, rectangle, and oval forms. Avoid narrow frames and opt for upswept frames like the cat-eye.

Round Face

Fuller cheeks and a rounded chin characterise a round face. When choosing your glasses, the aim is to add definition to the shapes, and different styles can help you achieve this in different ways. Choose angular, thin frame types to lengthen and narrow your face. A clear bridge will draw attention to your eyes, while rectangular and broad frames will help balance your face.

Rectangular Face

Larger noses and stronger jawlines characterise rectangular features. Your glasses should be firm and square-shaped. Avoid rounder, softer frames that will mask your sharp characteristics.

Heart Shaped Face

Frames that lengthen your appearance, draw the eye downward, and balance out proportions are appropriate for this face shape, with a broad brow and a thin chin as its distinguishing features. Seek out light-coloured or rimless spectacles or frames with a big bottom to expand the lower portion of your face if you want to appear more youthful. Rounded or cat-eye frames are also wonderful choices for eyeglasses.

Triangle Shape

A triangle shaped face is more tapered, with a defined jawline that complements more angular frames wonderfully. Combine cat-eye and rectangular shapes to enhance your features, or if you want to make a statement, use an extreme cat-eye or defined square-shaped frame to complement your characteristics.

Choose something that makes you feel good and compliments your completion when it comes to colours. You can buy eyeglasses in various colours, including transparent styles. Each colour, shape and even material design (such as plastic frames or metals) can add something different to your look and affect how the glasses suit your face. For help when choosing new glasses, try to take someone with you who knows your look and style and can help you make the decision.

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