How to stay fashionable as a busy mum

Being a mum is a full-time job. When there are children to be entertained, meals to be made and rooms to be cleaned, the last priority on your list is your outfit.

However, becoming a mum shouldn’t mean losing parts of you, and if fashion is your passion it’s important to continue to pursue it throughout motherhood. After all, feeling like the best version of yourself will only help you to be the super mum that you are.

Here are some top tips on how to stay fashionable as a busy mum without breaking the bank.

Stock up on basics

Convenience is key to creating a wardrobe that works with your jam-packed schedule. Stock up on basics that are easy to pair when you’re short on time and will work for a variety of occasions.

A high-quality pair of jeans and sleek sports leggings can be matched with basic t-shirts for effortless chic that nonetheless works well for looking after little ones. Strive to find the same level of style and comfort in your daily footwear too, such as white pumps or designer trainers.

Add accessories

One of the easiest ways to elevate any outfit is to add accessories. You can feature one or two eye-catching pieces or layer your jewellery to bring together the different parts of your look.

A luxury timepiece like an OMEGA watch is the ideal everyday accessory as it combines functionality and style. Similarly, you could wear a ring or necklace featuring a gemstone that is said to have healing properties and will help to balance your mood during the day.

Alternatively, make your jewellery box your playground and fill it with a range of cheaper and brighter accessories that you can mix and match to decorate your daily looks.

Use statement pieces

While the core of your wardrobe should remain functional, you can use statement pieces to make a big impact on special occasions.

This might include a sharp blazer for school meetings or drinks with friends, a scarf with a colourful print, and a pair of high heels for elevated date nights.

In the summer, a simple maxi dress is the perfect go-to for busy mums. This one-item outfit can make an instant impression yet takes just seconds to throw on.

Style your hair

As much as we like to pull back our locks to keep our face free, taking time to style your hair is a great way to complete an outfit. After all, our hairstyle is part of our overall look.

This doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate time and money to a daily blowout! You can experiment with using do-it-yourself straighteners and curlers to keep your locks smooth, shiny and in a set style.

Even easier, just swap your ponytail for a chic messy bun that can be achieved in under a minute. Those seeking a real time-saving style should be brave and take the pixie plunge.

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