Top Reasons to Choose Portugal for Your Family Summer Getaway

When it comes to summer holidays, there’s a great deal to like about Portugal. Combining a unique history with amazing culture and incredible Mediterranean sunshine, it’s a country that’s a perfect destination for a family when looking for their next overseas break.


For those looking to unwind on the beach, there are dozens of beautiful examples in the Algarve alone. Praia de Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo, and Praia de Falesia all appeal in their own unique ways.

Book a villa along the seafront, and enjoy stunning views of the sea, right from the moment you first arise in the morning. Of course, the seaside doesn’t just appeal to those looking to relax and unwind; it’s also a chance to indulge in high-octane activities, like kayaking and windsurfing.


If you want to enjoy scorching sunshine, then the height of summer is ideal. Bear in mind, however, that this time of year will bring in thick tourist crowds, and the atmosphere can be a little bit on the hectic side.

To avoid this, you might take a break during late May, or early September. The weather will still be spectacular, but the overall vibe is a little more relaxed.


We’ve already mentioned that the beach is a great place for an active holiday. You might take up surfing, with the help of a qualified instructor. Or, you might head out onto the ocean and search for dolphins and whales. In the latter case, you’ll want to ensure that you pick a reputable guide – as these animals are difficult to track down without the right expertise.

If you’d prefer to keep things inland, then you might venture to the local waterpark or zoo. In the Algarve, there’s Aquashow, Slide and Splash, and Aqualand, as well as Lagos Zoo, which is open throughout the year.


Of course, among the best reasons to visit Portugal is the wealth of amazing food and drink on offer. A few local dishes stand out as iconic. Where seafood is concerned, it’s bacalhau that dominates. This is a form of salted cod based on a technique that dates back to before refrigeration. You’ll find it in just about every restaurant.

Custard tarts are big in Portugal, too. The pastel de nata owes its existence to monasteries of the early nineteenth century. Octopus, Iberian pork, and grilled sardines are all staples for the locals, too.

If you’re staying in a seaside town, it makes sense to check out the local seafood options. In most cases, you’ll find food to appeal to the kids, too. Portuguese wines aren’t as well-known or respected as some of their counterparts in France or Spain, but they’re worth checking out, as well.

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