• six year age gap
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    Is a six year age gap too big?

    I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I happened across a headline that read “Emmerdale grooming victim actor Joe Warren Plant, 16, in real-life relationship with 22 year old model” It was a slow life kind of day…

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    Making Memories?

    As a human, I particularly enjoy the past time of ‘dwelling on things’. I’ve written before about my worries, about how I fear my children will grow up as dysfunctional members of society or some such thing.

  • talk northern to me
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    Talk Dirty (Northern) To Me

    Today I received a package with the following note included: My nice new packaging hasn’t arrived yet so please accept this Shan post -it heart as a token of my gratitude. My response was, quite obviously Ah that’s nice.  Whereas…