Starting preschool.

Back in March we attended the open day at Seth’s preschool to be.
At the time it made me sad thinking about my little boy growing up.

Now here we are, six months on.

Seth started preschool today. Continue reading “Starting preschool.”

Fireman Sham – Kids TV I hate.

There are some subjects that almost every parenting blogger will cover; exhaustion, feeding, weaning, poo, milestones and Kids TV.

I’m no different. I’ve covered a couple of these and I’ll make sure I get a full house before long.

But today let’s talk TV. Continue reading “Fireman Sham – Kids TV I hate.”

Let’s talk baby weight.

Let’s talk baby weight.

It’s something we all think about at some point, or I do.

Some of us promise ourselves that when we finally have babies we will never let ourselves go.
Some of us barely put weight on at all. Continue reading “Let’s talk baby weight.”

Too tired to human today.

I’m tired.
I know we’re all tired.
We’re all parents and it’s our default position but I’m REALLY tired, almost at exhausted.
I’m too tired to human. Continue reading “Too tired to human today.”

Step Aside Ella, this is the real Summertime

I love Ella Fitzgerald, really I do, but when she sang Summertime with such passion and warmth it’s clearly because she didn’t have my two to contend with.

I’ve previously spoken about my Summertime woes, now here’s my version of Summertime. Continue reading “Step Aside Ella, this is the real Summertime”