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We are told many fibs when we get pregnant.

‘You’ll forget the pain’
‘You won’t care who’s looking at what’
‘I will totally babysit for you once baby arrives’

The last one is the biggest in my experience.
As soon as you announce you’re pregnant all of your childless friends will assure you they’ll babysit so you can still have a social life and they may very well mean it when the words leave their mouth. The reality is often that for whatever reason they won’t. For many of us the stark reality of becoming a parent is that our social life is set aside for the foreseeable.

Luckily for you and I, there’s a website out there ready to help – not only lets you search for babysitters in your area but you can find a whole host of childcare solutions. Whether you need a Doula or a private tutor,  a childminder or an after school club – there is the option to search for virtually any childcare solution in your local area.

The website is so user friendly so there is no faffing about. You can create an account quickly for free and can be ready to search for a babysitter/childminder/tutor in your area immediately.

Every childcare provider registered with the site has set up their own personal profile – very much like a dating site. You can take the time to read about every individual who will have written something about themselves and may have even shared a picture (which I always prefer).  Information will include qualifications and experience, availability and prices. Many of the members have submitted a copy of their passport and DBS to the site and there is a star rating option available.
As this is your child we’re dealing with I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to also do a bit of legwork and be sure to check out that all review are legitimate and ask to see their DBS checks in real life before committing. Professional people will not have a problem with this at all.

You will also set up a profile offering a little information about yourself and your family, what services you’re looking for and when – it’s as important for the childcare provider to know about you as it is you about them so it feels like everyone is on an even footing.

Whether you are looking for a short term child care solution so you can enjoy a night out out or hoping to create a longer term relationship with a childcare provider, is a great place to start that search.


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