Mother’s Day

As I sit here in the corner of my couch in a makeshift nest made of cushions nursing the mother of all hangovers I’m thankful that Seth has opted for the nap he usually refuses on a weekend. I’m thankful that Aoife knows how to manoeuvre her way around Netflix. But mostly I’m thankful that because of them I get to have a Mother’s Day. 

I’ve had a homemade card, I’ve got a scented candle in a smashed glass jar
*loud whisper*
“Daddy, I’ll give Mummy this card”
“Don’t forget to give her this too. Go careful, it’s glass”
I was given croissants to share for breakfast and both children are seemingly aware of my sensitive disposition today and are (so far) being little angels. 

I can still taste last nights donner mistake and Aoife is planning what we’ll have for a special lunch. Every so often she keeps telling me she loves me. I can’t help smiling. Today is, so far, brilliant. I love Mother’s Day. The day for Mother’s (or key female bringer uppers of children, I know sometimes it’s an Auntie or a Grandma or a sister but as I’m struggling to keep my brain within my skull, trying to be correct, inclusive, concise and eloquent just isn’t going to happen today).   
The thing is though, everyday is actually like this (sometimes a little louder, always a little less hanging) Every day Aoife makes me a picture or writes me a little story. Every day my children are amazing and sweet and funny and loving. Every day they make me smile and make me proud, whether they’re telling me they love me or that I’m not their Mummy anymore. Whether they’re playing nice together or pushing each other. Whether they’re sat nicely watching Toy Story or leaping from the windowsill shouting “To infinity and beyond”. 

Sometimes I just forget to take that moment to step back and really appreciate it. I’m one of those awful people who lets life become all encompassing sometimes and I don’t remember to take a minute for the small things but it’s these things that are the important things (even the endless rendition of the chorus of ‘Black Magic’).  I know Mother’s Day is about appreciating your Mum (and I love mine to bits) but today, sitting here snuggled up with Aoife, I’m appreciating being blessed enough to have been given a Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful folk who are being loving, patient, strong, brave,clever, amazing role models to your little people. Even when you feel like you’re none of those things, remember that you are to them, because of them.

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