Top Reasons to Visit Sicily
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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sicily.

If you are looking for an exciting destination for your next holiday, Sicily is a great choice. Besides being the heart and soul of the Mediterranean, it has mesmerised travellers with its mind-blowing landscapes and cultural riches.

Sicily comprises a stunning mix of sea, mountain and volcano scenery, so visitors can enjoy a variety of thrilling outdoor activities. What’s more, the weather is wonderful, and the region offers a wide range of tasty dishes and exquisite wines.

So, Sicily brings something to the table for any type of traveller. With this in mind, below is a list of the top 5 reasons why Sicily should be the next holiday destination for all tourists!

Brilliant Towns

Sicily attracts millions of tourists every year who wish to indulge in the sun-soaked towns including charming seaports to hilltop villages. Visitors will find the town of Taormina on a hill, overlooking the amazing waters of the Ionian Sea. It’s home to a 3rd century BC Greco-Roman amphitheatre as well as the Palazzo Corvaja and Palazzo Duchi Di Santo Stefano palaces.

Cefalù is yet another excellent Mediterranean town, found on the Northern coast of Sicily. Here you will discover yellowish-brown stone buildings and cobbled streets, which lead to a waterfront path, a stunning beach and the dazzling waters of the Cefalù Bay filled with fishing boats.

Other magical towns worth visiting include Ragusa, Syracuse, Noto, Trapani, and Modica. You can easily book accommodation in any of these towns thanks to local websites like Wishsicily, for example, where you can find the best holiday rentals in Sicily.

Top Reasons to Visit Sicily villages


Thanks to great weather, tourists can enjoy Sicily’s amazing beaches for almost 8 months every year, from the end of March to October. Sicily comprises more than 280 beaches with different forms and colours and ranging from town beaches to hidden coves and inlets. The rocky coasts, powdery sands, and shiny crystal-clear waters seduce all travellers.

Visitors who want to relax by the beach, can rent a villa on the West coast and be within a stones throw of the shore. The San Vito lo Capo beach in North West Sicily is the most famous location thanks to its shiny white sand, azure waters, and rocky coast. The West coast also includes a wide variety of amazing natural reserves such as Stagnone, Marsala or Salt Pans of Trapani. Tourists can also visit amazing islands such as the Favignana Island.

Some of the most popular beaches in Sicily include Scala dei Turchi, which is near Agrigento, Isola Bella Taormina, San Leone, Riserva Naturale Torre Salsa, Oliveri, Punta Secca, Mondello, and Cefalù.

Cultural Sites

Sicily comprises an abundance of cultural sites, museums, churches, and historical wonders. Tourists will find some of the most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sicily thanks to the dramatic architecture dating to various times. For example, Ragusa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the South of Sicily. Here, visitors will find beautiful streets, narrow walkways, and brilliant churches with medieval architecture.

Another must to visit is Syracuse, which is a historic town and a UNESCO site. Once, it was a strategic city during the times of the Greek Empire and you’ll discover many Greek ruins all over the city. So, tourists who love Greek architecture and history, should visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

Top Reasons to Visit Sicily Coastline

Breath-taking Landscapes

Adventure-seekers will have a wonderful time hiking the tallest active volcano in Europe – Mount Etna. It sits at 3,323 meters and often erupts sending huge amounts of ash in immense clouds, which ascend over Sicily and further. Even so, sports lovers have many opportunities to hike the volcano, which has treks for different skill levels. The panoramic views make it all worthwhile. And during the winter season, although people wouldn’t usually associate snow caps with lava and smoke, sports enthusiasts can ski down the Northern face of the volcano.

Delicious Cuisine and Wine

For those who are passionate about Mediterranean cuisine and love wine, Sicily is the place to be. No matter where you go, or what dishes you order, the food is amazing. It’s fresh, seasonal and it overpowers tourists on the spot. What’s more, the traditional domestic wineries such as Planeta and Tasca d’Almerita continue the incredible wine traditions of Sicily. Tourists should try the Arancini, which are spheres stuffed with rice and meat, and the delicious Cannoli for dessert.

Top Reasons to Visit Sicily desert

The are just a small number of the reasons why you should visit Sicily on your next holiday.

The landscapes are mind-blowing, the food is delicious, and will fall iyou n love with the architecture and cultural riches. It’s a family-friendly destination and perfect for travel with kids. So, if you wish to get the best out of a Sicilian holiday you should book your vacation during the months of April – June or September – October for the best weather and everything else this magic island has to offer!


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