Holidays are coming.

Firstly, a clarification.
I worry that to those who don’t actually know me, I may come across a bit blasé in regard to my children/parenthood, like I think it’s some huge joke. I’m not. I love my children with every fibre of my being. My heart hurts when I’m not with them. I would move heaven and earth for them. I just find life a lot more fun if I make light of things and admit the not so wonderful and fuzzy times we have.

With that out the way, let’s get on.
On Friday the children are going away for ONE WHOLE WEEK.
(Remember what I said up there^^ I love them)
I’m so excited! I know I will miss them but we’ll be able to do ALL those things that we say we’d do if it wasn’t for the children.

Like sitting in a lovely pub in Haworth or Grassington, seeing that they have rooms
“Oh, if we didn’t have the children here we could have a lovely meal, a few drinks and stay over. Wouldn’t that be fab?”
Rory agrees.

Like going to the cinema on an afternoon to watch a film that Disney hasn’t created
“Hey, we could go and see Batman vs. Superman”
Rory agrees.
Like going to our favourite restaurant round the corner, every time we pass I say
“We’ve not been there in AGES. If the kids are away sometime we should go!”
Rory agrees.
Like going to the pub whenever, wherever because we can.
“Wouldn’t it be great to just pop out tonight?”
 Rory agrees.
Like go away for a weekend.
“Wouldn’t it be great to get the kids looked after so we can have a weekend away?”
Rory agrees.
 (Two things I notice here. 1 – the things we like to do mostly involve food or drink. 2 – Rory is terribly agreeable).
There it is. The things we’re often saying to one another. The plans and hopes we have for that for that one week the children go away.
The ‘to do’ list of fun.
We’ve known for months that they’re going away so we’ve had plenty of time to plan lots of wonderful things that we just can’t do with the children around. Lots of fantastic, romantic ‘together’ time.
So what’s the plan???
Rory will be working. In fact he’s super busy so he’ll probably be working more than usual (which I’m not bitching externally about as I appreciate all he does for us as a family) as he doesn’t have to be back for bath time (the children’s not mine, I don’t remember the last time I bathed. Probably when Mermaid Dora moved in). He will also have to be at football at least twice that week.
The reality is that my time will actually be spent doing all those mundane things that I can’t do with the children about.
The to do list of bore.
  • Decorate the living room, dining room and downstairs loo (with Marvel walls)
  • Deep clean and steam the bathrooms
  • Sort the toys out in the conservatory
  • Morning workout daily
  • Mow lawns
  • Clean outside drain (no idea how, maybe with a stick?)
  • Clean funny marks and slippy bits off drive (no idea how, a broom and hose?)
  • Binge watch a Netflix boxset
  • Drink afternoon wine
  • Sleep a full night


This is how I’ll spend my child free week; this is how I’ll recreate my BC life.
THIS is the joy of parenthood.
I still love it and wouldn’t change it (remind me of this when you hear me say “if the children were away I could……).




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