Bath time fun with Good Bubble

Bath time in our house is a mixed bag of emotions.
The children LOVE it.
Aoife’s ideal bath includes a lot of bubbles and the tablet playing Youtube videos of bubblegum pop.
Seth’s ideal bath is as deep and as splashy as possible.
Unfortunately for them they rarely get their ideal bath, for ease and speed they are usually bathed together.

We, the ‘grown ups’, aren’t as enthused about bath time.
Before I go on I feel I need to hold my hands up here.

I use WE fraudulently, I have so very little to do with bath time.
Rory is the bath time hero. He is the one who endures the rigmarole every day, I simply listen to it all unfold through the door…..

“Don’t do that”
“Don’t spit water”
“Don’t drink the water”
“SETH I’m soaked”
“Don’t pour it over the side”
“Pass the towel”
“My face is wet”
“It’s in my eyes”
“It’s no more tears, it doesn’t matter”
“OWWWWW Don’t brush so hard”
“Seth, stop lapping the water, you’re not an animal”

And so on and so forth.

Aoife then emerges shiny and fresh, smile on her face and ready to go.
Seth is out next, like a dog released from the traps, hair brushed and looking the neatest he will look all day, he runs to Aoife’s room to cause mayhem.

Rory emerges last, with a sigh that suggests he went three rounds with a bear and trousers so wet it looks like he may well have peed himself in fear! (Obviously he hasn’t, that’s just Seth sharing the water)

Every day, the same routine.

So when Good Bubble asked us if we’d be willing to try their bath products I said
Why of course”
after all, bath time couldn’t get any worse, it might actually ease some of the disorder!

The press release for Good Bubble tells me it’s…

colourful collection of natural toiletries for babies and children…packed with nurturing superfruit extracts.
Featuring loveable characters from far away lands, Dexter Dragon Fruit and Clara Cloudberry are sure to put the fun back into bath time. Excellent bubble beard making skills aside, their fruity allergen-free fragrances
smell scrummy. Made with only the good stuff (I like what they did there, Good stuff – Good Bubble)  each
product contains at least 98 per cent naturally derived ingredients to clean skin and hair without stripping natural moisture from young and sensitive skin.”

This last bit bodes well for us as, despite being strong, feel no pain children, both have delicate, petal like skin and we can’t use anything too harsh on them or they get all rough like lizards. This sounded like the sort of product we’d look at for them.

Many products that are suitable for sensitive skin are a bit naff and ‘worthy’, they usually create very few bubbles and have no scent at all.

We can’t usually use ‘fun’ or ‘themed’ bath products as they’re quite harsh. Good Bubble has Dexter and Clara so there’s a less ‘clinical’ and ‘good for you’ vibe.

Aoife is at that age where she likes things that smell nice and now Seth’s ‘baby’ smell has worn off I like him to smell of something nicer than sweaty hair, his usual morning smell.
The Good Bubble stuff has a lovely, fresh scent. I’m a fan of the Cloudberry scent, I’d use it myself!

Since using the bubble bath, I can honestly say I’ve noticed a positive change in both children’s skin. It’s a lot softer and less dry.
We’ve tried a lot of different sensitive products for the children and have never found one that works 100%, so far this one does and I’ll certainly be using it from now on.

Aoife also gives it a thumbs up
“It make my feet lovely and smooth and it doesn’t hurt as much to brush my hair”.
She means her head hair, not her hairy feet!
Seth doesn’t say much but he’s been slurping the bath water as much as ever so it can’t be bad!

I’ll be honest, bath time sounds no calmer since the introduction of the Good Bubble bubbles, shampoo and conditioner.
It’s natural and full of good stuff (and vegan as an added bonus for vegans) but it’s not a miracle cure for splashing and rowdiness.

The full Good Bubble range is available via their website.
The bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner are also now available at Sainsbury’s.

You can find Good Bubble at Facebook and follow them over on Twitter


I received this product at no cost in return for a review. As always, all opinions are my own. 




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