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Weekly Winedown #4 Le Petit Chat Malin

Welcome to the Weekly Winedown. Each week I selflessly drink wine for you offer a review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy.

Well, last week was a DISASTER.
Worst wine EVER. Or not ever but certainly a contender.
As a result, this week I have ‘cheated’ and chosen a wine I know I like, it’s French, it’s red, it’s wet.
So I introduce you to Le Petit Chat Malin. (the cunning little cat – cute right?) £6.49.

After a Twitter chat yesterday I intended to do a YouTube vlog for the winedown this week.  I have done it but it’s not very winecentric more of a ramble so I’ll just bob it on the end of this for you.


The official blurb
“Packed with rich, juicy ripe berry fruit flavours, a touch of soft tannin and a subtle twist of spice. Try it with a hearty meat dish, cheeses or simply lap it up all on its lonesome”

Let’s talk about the label, it’s a cat sat on an egg. I mean if anything is going to make me buy a bottle of wine it’s a drawing of a cat on an egg, I’m not even being sarky, it’s an actual fact.

It’s the little things that matter.

It’s from the South of France, again another high point for me. I’m pretty sure I’d drink anything if it came from Provence/Cote d’azur, I’m so bloody desperate to be French! (Or living there).
It smells fruity, like sitting outside on a summers evening, not in a beer garden but somewhere quiet. Your own garden once the kids are in bed or a field somewhere.
It’s a ‘thick’ taste (remember that’s good) like a proper full mouthful that starts kind of sweet fruity but has a warm finish.

It’s definitely a wine you take to someone you like or drink at home so you don’t have to share it.
This evening Le Petit Chat is accompanying the end of a terribly long but good week. One where I’ve laughed a lot and been #blessed (thanks to Lisa, Alex & Fran).
It’s being enjoyed whilst waiting for Indian food (on it’s lonesome) and later WITH Indian food (hearty meat dishes?) To be fair it’d go well with a wet slipper.
It’s a super sexy all rounder.

Name – Le Petit Chat
Price – £6.49
Colour – Dark Burgandy red.
Smell – Light and fruity
Taste – Full bodied & warm
Goes well with – Life in general, I could do this every day.
Overall score – 4.5/5 – almost darn perfect.
Bonne Soiree.

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