Choosing a preschool

Choosing A Preschool

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I told you about Seth going for his preschool open day. It was a day of mixed emotions as my ‘baby’ is growing into a ‘big boy’. The only benefit I can take from this being the second time round and him getting a place where Aoife went is that we didn’t have to go through the stress of choosing a nursery for him. I can just be focused on my boy growing up rather than fretting about where we are sending him.

That’s not me being complacent, it’s me being relieved that we don’t have to relive the first really difficult decision we have to make as parents.

Choosing the right nursery or preschool for your child is hard!

As you consider your options you realise that this is the start of ANOTHER PERSON looking after your child, a LOT.

Someone who they might accidentally call ‘Mummy’, someone who will hug them if they fall.

Someone who will read them stories and teach them in fun ways. Someone who is probably going to be far more exciting than any parent!

It’s the first time someone else will look after your baby and, without a doubt, the first time your baby is going to LOVE being away from you.

It hurts!

Will these people know how to look after them correctly?
Will they be able to keep an eye on them all the time?
Will they make sure enough lunch is eaten?
Will they make sure they’re not lonely?
Will they give them a hug if they cry?
Will they tell me if they’re upset?
Will they make sure he doesn’t escape (not an irrational thought, my brother escaped from nursery once and got run over. By an ambulance. Legit worry)

I’ve heard some horror stories about nurseries and preschools, and I’ve witnessed some pretty slack ‘staffing’ at some nurseries but we were really, REALLY lucky.

The preschool we sent Aoife to was brilliant, all the staff were fantastic. We were constantly informed about her progress, she learned so much, and really thrived there. When she moved on to ‘big’ school the transition was virtually seamless as she had been so well prepared by the hard work and dedication of the staff.
This is why we are over the moon Seth is going there.

I think when it comes to choosing a preschool or nursery, the key is to visit, this may seem obvious but word of mouth isn’t enough to make an informed decision in my opinion.
What works for one family may not work for another.

When you walk into an establishment and meet the staff you get a vibe. You know if you’re going to find these people approachable which is a MUST when they’re looking after your small.

A good nursery teacher looks after each and every child with the care and attention they would their own child.
They focus on each child’s individual needs and strengths to work on them and make them ready for school. Those who do this naturally stand out a mile so it’s worth visiting a variety of places to find the right one.

Once you do, you can let your small run free, safe in the knowledge they’re having a blast, while you drink coffee and watch box sets – or work.





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