Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger: Review & Giveaway

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review – for a chance to win your own copy read on! 

Author Jodie Isitt is a mum of three children all with autism and additional needs. Jodie uses her experience to create gentle, inspiring stories for young children in order to help develop their understanding of what it’s like to live with autism and anxiety.

In Jodie’s first book – Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger – We meet Lola Rabbit.

“Lola Rabbit is just like other little rabbits but she sees the world differently. Lola is Autistic. This means that sometimes Lola becomes afraid and upset when she hears loud noises. She often hums to herself and spins around to make her feel better”

Lola struggles when the class becomes loud at tidy up time and the excitement of playtime makes her feel anxious. Lola sees the other children playing and feels lonely, luckily Bourbon Badger realises that Lola finds these times tough and joins her in the activities that she likes to do and a new friendship is formed.

Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger

Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger is a lovely story that not only embraces differences and kindness but also gives the reader an insight into how a classmate with autism or additional needs might feel, that being different is OK and that kindness is the best way to breakdown barriers and form friendships – something that in the current climate we could all, young and old, do with remembering.

As well as the beautiful story and illustrations, Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger also contains expert advice including questions for discussion and understanding with your child, an explanation what’s happening in the story and even coping strategies that may help a child with sensory processing difficulties like Lola Rabbit.

I really enjoyed this book, my youngest has a boy with severe autism in his class and I have sometimes struggled to explain in the language a five year old understands, exactly what this means. This book gives us a great starting point in having that conversation together.

Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger is now available to buy

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Jodie has just launched her Kickstarter campaign for a second book Lola’s Wobbly Lunchtime, you can find more information about that here.


Author Jodie Isitt has kindly agreed to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger. See below for details on how to enter!
Autism with Lola Book

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