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    Mokuru review and giveaway

    I’ve never been one for ‘crazes’. I’ve never been ahead of the game (except wearing dresses and trainers together. I was doing that well before Lily Allen – yes I’m very aware my modern and hip reference is over a…

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    Let’s talk baby weight.

    Let’s talk baby weight. It’s something we all think about at some point, or I do. Some of us promise ourselves that when we finally have babies we will never let ourselves go. Some of us barely put weight on…

  • What I earned blogging this month - change and a bus ticket
    Featured,  Life

    What I earned blogging this month

    ‘They’ used to say “Never talk money, politics or religion” I don’t know who ‘they’ were or why they were such an authority but it really doesn’t matter anymore. These days it seems people are happy to discuss one, or…

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    Seth’s New Bedroom – Ollie & Leila Review

    I harbour a secret. I love interiors. I make private Pinterest boards of things I’d like in my house. I long for our house to have a rustic, classic vibe. A bit vintage and a bit quirky.

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    Too tired to human today.

    I’m tired. I know we’re all tired. We’re all parents and it’s our default position but I’m REALLY tired, almost at exhausted. I’m too tired to human.