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Prestige Hampers – Review

Growing up in 80s, catalogues were found in pretty much every household.
Grattan, Freemans, Littlewoods and Kays would all be in our house. 

I used to spend hours looking through them, deciding what my life would be like as a grown up. What clothes I would wear, what furniture my house would have, what jewellery I would own and what toys I would play with.
Obviously I was never going to be the kind of adult who didn’t play with toys.

Then came the really exciting bit, at the very back of the catalogue…
Christmas Hampers.

I used to LOVE looking at the hampers.
All the lovely food, drinks and treat that made Christmas crammed into a fancy looking box and sent direct to your door.
In my memory they even had turkeys in them.
They probably didn’t though.

My parents never got a hamper, I can’t recall why, probably the sheer cost.

But I decided that when I was a grown up, I would ALWAYS have a Christmas Hamper.
Here I am at the ripe old age of 39 and I’ve never had a Christmas hamper….UNTIL NOW.

When Prestige Hampers got in touch telling me about their range of Christmas Hampers and asked me to review one, I could barely contain my delight.


OK, so the hamper I was sent wasn’t one of those huge ones I had desperately wanted as a child, but it was a hamper and I was excited!

The hamper arrived well packaged with mammoth bubble wrap. For a tiny moment I was worried it was going to be just a cardboard box but no!

It was a wicker tray filled with teas from Taylors of Harrogate.
Cookies and Lemon shortbread, organic and gluten free.
A Dundee cake, luxury chocolate domes and some small Cafe Tasse chocolates.

Lots of lovely, good quality goodies!

Even the children were excited and they aren’t even going to get a look in!
I’ve finally got myself a hamper and it made me as happy as I hoped it would.

I strongly suspect that you could deliver anything to me in a hamper and I will be over the moon.
With prices starting at £19.99 they would make a great gift for someone, or maybe just for me you.

I received a hamper from Prestige in return for a review. All opinions are, as ever, my own. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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