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Weekly Winedown #25 Anakena Birdman Merlot

Welcome to the Weekly Winedown. Each week I selflessly drink wine for you and offer a review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy.

Ennui with a splash of disinterest, a dollop of crisis in confidence and a huge helping of accidentally caring what other people thought has led to me being in a peculiar place this week.
A week where I wondered why I was bothering with this blogging lark at all.

It has felt long and arduous and has been accompanied by a huge, constant headache.
Moan, moan.

It’s all passed now though.
I pulled my big girls pants on, remembered how bloody funny I am and gave my head a shake.
Once again I can count the amount of fucks I give on no hands.

Order is restored.

To celebrate this epiphany let’s say buenas noches to our wine, Anakena Birdman Merlot from Chile. Down from £7.49 to £4.99 at Ocado.

The 19 Crimes red blend last week was so close to perfect.
In fact, I am unsure as to why I didn’t give it a 5/5. I may have to revisit it soon just to test.

Unfortunately, it means this wine has to aim really high this week.

The Label

The label is black with gold font and a gold, Polynesian style bird (or birdman?). It is to the point with minimal faff. Despite being a bit like a box of Black Magic, it’s not entirely awful. I do love the image too.

The Blurb

“This range of wines comes from the award-winning Anakena winery, which is nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Every Spring the Easter Island sea bird (Manutara) lays its precious egg in coastal cliffs. The Birdman legend tells the story of how the men from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) would show their worth by swimming the long distance to the islet of Motu Nui in search of an egg. The first islander to bring it back safely was given the title of ‘Tangata Manu’, the Birdman. We pay homage to the spirit of the Birdman in our latest range of wines.
A fruit driven wine bursting with raspberry aromas and blueberry flavours. Anakena Merlot has a smooth texture and pleasing finish”

That’s a whole lot of information right there. A very informative tale yet revealing very little about the wine.

Raspberry and blueberry sound like a fresh mix. Chilean wines normally have a bit of depth to them, I am hoping that is the case with this one, it’s sounding a bit thin….

The Verdict

The colour is a dark ruby red, perfect to look at. The ‘nose’ (yeah I did that) is soft red fruit and quite light.
The two contradict one another, I’m not sure I like the confusion.
The initial taste is tart raspberries and redcurrants and slightly acidic.

It kind of gets better over time, but I don’t know if that’s my taste buds getting used to it or giving up.
It’s not entirely awful or unpalatable, but I don’t think I’d choose this again. Ever.


It’s not how I like a Merlot to be, it pitches itself as smooth but I’d be inclined to disagree.
Get thee behind me Birdman!

Name – Anakena Birdman Merlot.
Price – £4.99
Colour – Dark ruby red.
Smell – Light & fruity.
Taste – Sharp and thin.
Goes well with – Cheese, I imagine it suits cheese.
Overall score – 2.5/5 painfully average.



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