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Five small gift ideas for small(ish) kids.

If you’re one of those super prepared people, you probably won’t need to read on.
You have likely bought, and maybe even wrapped, all of your Christmas presents.
If, like me, you’re unprepared then read on. 

Previously, I was that person. I would make lists for weeks and be more prepared that a girl guide.
This year I am failing miserably.
I am clueless in what to buy most people BUT I have created this little gift guide
My top five small gifts for small(ish) children.

Cat Machine Maker – Junior Operator

Seth loves many things in life, one of his absolute favourite things is a construction vehicle. We have been the mother and child, stood watching a truck with a big drill thing destroy a kerb. The driver wears ear defenders, we go deaf with the noise. He loves it. When The Toy State sent us the Cat Machine Maker Wheel Loader Seth was happy as a pig in muck. The set comes in a reusable carry case with a chunky screw driver so Seth could build and take apart his own wheel loader. The pieces are chunky, ideal for small hands. The screws also don’t come away from the machine so there is no risk of loss or choking. I was hoping to squirrel the Wheel Loader away for Christmas but I didn’t have a hope once Seth set eyes on it. It’s perfect for your little construction fan.
Available from Smyths  with an RRP of £10.99

Rubik’s Junior Pet Puzzle

Rubik’s Junior Pet Puzzles are a fantastic introduction to the world of Rubik’s. Perfectly sized for little ones to play with, there are four pets to choose from; Puppy, Kitten, Bunny and Bear.
Each pet can be muddled up in order for children to twist them back to their original shape using the same colour matching ideals as the Rubik’s cube, the puzzle pets are designed to aid development of problem solving skills, logical thinking and indeed concentration. Aimed at children as young as 4 years old, these pets are small enough to take anywhere and keep them entertained, ideally for hours. With an  RRP of £9.99 the Rubik’s Puzzle Pets are available from all good stores including Argos, Smyths and Toymaster as well as online. is apparently a huge gaming phenomenon. It’s like a modern day version of ‘Snake’, that classic found on the Nokia. I’m going to hold my hands up and confess that I can’t play, I don’t know if it’s because of my fat fingers or my old age but I am just rubbish at it. 124 million games are played per month in the UK so I am going to assume the problem lies with me and not the game! A new toy range has now been released in the UK. The range includes a plush (he’s cute, I’ll give him that), mystery mini Squishies, bendable slithers and a blind bag. With a starting RRP of £3.99 these would make ideal stocking fillers or gifts. They’re available from Amazon and The Entertainer.

Itty Bittys

From Hallmark, Itty Bittys are small and perfectly formed interpretations of some of your favourite characters.The range includes Star Wars, Disney, Super Heroes (DC and Marvel), Wizard of Oz and many more. Super cute and super collectable, these soft toys would make a perfect stocking filler or gift for the very small in your house. In our case, these are the gifts the children choose for the adults in their life. Who wouldn’t want to see Batman and The Joker in the smallest, cuddliest showdown ever?  Prices start around £5.


‘From bubble to best friend’.  Hailing from a land where waterfall meets rainbow, your Shnook arrives in a bubble, set them free, give them a shake and they will become 8 times their original size. The cute little creature with a mane full of hair comes with a comb, 2 hair slides and hair bobbles so your child can style their hair and their new friend will ‘Shnook’ after them forever! There are six Shnooks to collect, they are all entirely adorable, my two love theirs, but they shed worse than the cats! I will note that they were particularly tricky to ‘pop’ from their bubble though. Shnooks are available from The Entertainer and other good stores.


Some of these items were provided for inclusion within this guide. This post contains an affiliation link to Amazon, you can see my full disclaimer here.  All opinions, as ever, are my own.

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