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Tips For Getting Holiday Ready.

It’s never to early to start thinking about your next holiday – Covid permitting.  Getting ready for your next adventure is always exciting and once something is booked the planning can start. If you’re anything like me this will entail a LOT of overthinking. 
What shall I wear to travel in? Should I take lounging about clothes, going out clothes, being active clothes or all of them? How many pairs of shoes is too many? Do I need my WHOLE haircare routine?

It can become a bit all consuming very quickly. Luckily, I have a few top holiday beauty tips to ensure that you are Instagram ready while travelling. Ultimately a holiday isn’t about looking good, it’s about relaxing and having fun but some of us do feel the need to try and maintain our usual ‘self’ in order to be able to do that…

Without further ado:

Plait Your Hair

If you’re heading on a long holiday, it can be a very good idea to pre-emptively plait your hair. This will not only be easier to maintain, but will help you protect against environmental and weather-based wear and tear during your daily explorations. It’s also a beautiful style that doesn’t date. Not only that but wearing your hair in tight plaits will allow you to forget styling it every morning on top of your makeup schedule. This can be great if you’re journeying from place to place, or if you simply want to spend the most time possible on the beach. No one could argue that would be anything other than perfectly reasonable. Sometimes, a great tan is king.

Pack A Travelling Make-Up Bag

We all understand the importance of a make up bag but it’s likely that your standard makeup case might not do well with travelling thousands of miles and being handled more than usual. Consider this an opportunity to pick up a new makeup bag, one that’s more resistant to the wear and tear of an active holiday. Your make-up will thank you. Be sure to utlilise this moment to throw away your old and out of date make up and take only the essentials. 

Stock Up On Party Wear

Stocking up on party wear is never a bad idea. If you’re on holiday, it’s likely that you have a few exciting events planned that should only be attended while wearing the most beautiful of party dresses. There is nothing worse than getting ready for a holiday night out and realising you have only packed beach and browsing attire!

Not only do you want to feel good partying on holiday but you might just find yourself having a Shirley Valentine moment –   Never say never! Just be sure that the dresses are appropriate for the location you are attending and that you have a variety to choose from on the night or impromptu nights you might schedule as a consequence.


Moisturizing is as important a tactic as any to keep on top of your skin health and smoothness, but this goes double during those heatwave-laden foreign locales we love to visit so much. Remember it is about looking after the whole body from head to toe. We often overlook our feet when they do a lot of the hard graft on holiday, click here to see how to look after them too. Moisturizing will allow you to keep a radiant look and will help prevent your skin from cracking. It can even help sooth budding sunburn if you’ve been unlucky enough to catch it.

Stock Up On Protective Clothing

Even if you’re travelling to the most radiant of sun-blessed locales, there’s always a chance that the weather might take a turn for the worse, however that can be defined. If you’re unprepared, you might suffer these adverse weather conditions more than you need to. Make sure you pack a lightweight raincoat, cardigan or simple scarf to ensure you look fab and stay warm if a chill kicks in. Especially if you are travelling late in the season. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Simplify

While it might be tempting to wear all the clothes you have ever owned on your holiday; sometimes it’s not too wise. Don’t be afraid to simply and wear practical items during your travelling or down days. Consider the clothes that make you feel good and how much of it you will realistically wear. Also don’t go over the top with accessories – some simple silver jewellery, as found on this website, will compliment every outfit you wear. 

These days we all carry smart phones and so all have a camera on us at all times, it is totally worth taking a moment to learn more about the old-school, disposable cameras and consider taking one with you. This means you aren’t tempted to check your phone every time you whip it out to take a photo and you can truly unwind while away. 

With these practical tips, you will be able to traverse any distant locale with beauty, reliability and a relatively low-maintenance attitude, freeing you up much more time you can employ crafting amazing memories for yourself and everyone involved. 

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