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Top 5 Destinations for a Luxurious Family Break

With all the stresses people have to deal with during the pandemic, travelling with the family has become more important than ever. But planning a family holiday can be tricky, especially for families that want to travel in luxury. If you need inspiration on where to go for a luxurious family break, here are the best destinations to consider.

  • Kauai, Hawaii 

Kauai exudes a glamorous vibe, making it a top choice for families who want to travel in luxury and style. In fact, the island is a popular destination among celebrities since it’s not too crowded, allowing them to enjoy their vacation with utmost privacy. Given Kauai’s natural beauty and dramatic landscapes, everyone in the family will surely approve of this destination. You can explore the stunning Waimea Canyon and marvel at the breathtaking beachside cliffs, such as the Na Pali Coast.

  • Dubai

Dubai is regarded as one of the most luxurious cities worldwide, famous for its ultra-modern skyscrapers, white sandy beaches, and fantastic theme parks. So, when it comes to a luxurious family break – Dubai is the perfect place! Start your holiday at Jumeirah Beach, then take the kids to the Wild Wadi Waterpark, a water park with more than 30 rides and attractions. Check out the theme parks, such as the Legoland and IMG Worlds of Adventure, and indulge in luxury shopping at the massive Dubai Mall.

  • Croatia 

Home to 1,246 islands, bustling cities, and beautiful beaches, Croatia is the perfect destination for a luxurious family break. While it’s possible to explore on your own, booking the Croatia luxury tours and private small boat cruises is highly recommended for families. You will be visiting beautiful beaches where your kids can take up some water sports activities. There are also national parks waiting for you to explore, such as Krka and Plitvice, filled with majestic waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. Then there are the bustling cities of Split and Dubrovnik, perfect for strolling and learning a bit of Croatia’s history and culture.

  • The Maldives

If your idea of a luxurious family break is to spend the days splashing at the beach, enjoying some water sports, and relaxing at some luxury resorts, the Maldives is where you should go. Although the archipelago is popular for honeymooners, it’s becoming more popular as a family holiday destination. While you will be spending most of your time lounging at the beach, you can also take up various water sports, such as diving, snorkelling, and kayaking. Book a whale watching tour to witness marine animals up-close, including dolphins and whales.

  • Greece 

When going for a luxurious family break in Greece, Mykonos is well worth visiting. The island is incredibly beautiful – its idyllic beaches and secluded corners lure families seeking a relaxing holiday. Hóra, the island’s capital, is fun to explore. It’s lined with chic cafes and restaurants full of people enjoying authentic Greek cuisines. Wander with your kids through its cobbled streets and into the waterfront, where you can marvel at the scenic views of the harbour. Book any of the many large Mykonos luxury villas, where you can relax after a day of strolling the island.

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