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Weekly Winedown #30 Chateau Corbonac Corbieres

Welcome to the Weekly Winedown. Each week I selflessly drink wine for you and offer a review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy.

30 Winedowns!
It’s like an anniversary or something!

Anyway, this week Donald Trump has been deemed to remain ‘fit for duty’ for years by the White House Doctor (who has no invested interest in saying just that-obviously).

According to the report, Ol’ Trump is physically and mentally capable of running America.
Interestingly there was no morality test.

As a woman of heft, I am not a fan of the BMI system (even when slimmer I find it ridiculous so it’s not a ‘fat person’ thing). However I do not, for one moment believe that Trump doesn’t fall into the obese category.
I fear there may be some of that fake news in play, he may have added to his height and subtracted from his waist – good maths!

So yes, sighs of relief all round.
Donald has a good few years left in him to run America into the ground YAY.

In good news though, I asked Aoife the questions on the cognitive test and she too is fit to run the USA.
She also isn’t obese, just like Donny T… My high hopes for that girl have just gotten a little higher.

Now, WINE!

I am feeling the cold and wishing we were living in France and so, as the next best thing, I have French Wine.
Bonsoir Château Carbonac Corbières, comment ça va?

The Label

Looks familiar, I’ve checked through previous weeks and never tried this wine though so I guess it’s just a bit generic. An off white label with black text and a line drawing of the Chateau on the Carbonac estate – tidy.
It does what is required of it, tells you what’s inside the bottle. We don’t need any fancy stuff.

The blurb

“Just outside the village of Monze, close to Carcassonne, Carbonac is a wine-growing estate with a single-stretch of 33 hectares (82 acres) where they produce a wine known as the nectar of the Corbieres. On the edge of the “Bretonne” road, the estate is a former monastery for women. The old, tall and well preserved square tower still stands. Chateau Carbonac with deep purple reflections, offers an intense bouquet distinguished by notes of dark fruit and spice. On the palate, this wine produces wonderful expression, with tannins perfectly integrated. Served at 16-18°C, it will elegantly enhance red meats, game cooked in sauce, and firm cheeses.”

You get a little geography, a touch of history and some wine information.
That’s what I like to call ‘Wineducation’, you’ll all be saying it soon.

‘Intense’ combined with dark fruits and spice makes me hopeful that this is the kind of wine I’m hankering after to warm my cockles tonight. I’m hoping for something full bodied, a good mouthful. I’m hoping that the temperature has been specified to make the Vintner look more impressive. A wine that can go from good to bad in the space of a degree is far too risky a wine for me!

Let us investigate!

The nose was…..dubious, like when you open vacuum packed meat. Except it didn’t dwindle.
If you can get past the smell the taste is actually OK.
Not too fruity, certainly not sweet.
Deep and full bodied, just how I like it.
It’s not the best wine I’ve ever had but by no means the worst.
I’d happily have a case of this on standby because, life.


Name – Château Carbonac Corbières
Price – £6.99
Colour – Deep red/purple
Smell – Like vac packed steak…with pepper
Taste – Dry and full. Bitter aftertaste but not awful
Goes well with – Average me.
Overall score – 3/5

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