Happy Valentine’s… to me.

Just last year I wrote about how we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, whilst I stand by all the reasons we choose not to celebrate I have a confession to make.

I secretly DO love the idea of Valentine’s Day.
My head talks sense but my heart gets sucked up in all the romance and hype.
I like the idea of grand romantic gestures, declarations of love and surprises!

Of the two of us, I am the one with my head firmly stuck in the clouds, Rory is more grounded.
He REALLY isn’t bothered with Valentine’s Day.
Or Anniversaries.
Or any display of romance at all.

Our first Valentine’s Day together he bought us a trip to New York.
It was amazing, the best Valetine’s gift EVER.
He’s been milking it ever since though.

What is a girl to do?

Well, there is but one answer…
Slip into something comfortable, turn the lights low, pour a glass of wine and start shopping.

Yes, I have decided to treat myself to some Valentine’s gifts.
Where to begin?

Since I was a child Debenhams has always felt really ‘fancy’ to me, (I think it’s all the well made up ladies squirting perfume at everyone).
I’d had a wine, I was feeling fancy, I decided to check out their Valentine’s offerings.

Lingerie, jewellery, clothing, beauty, tech and more -their Valentine’s shop is full of beautiful things for the one you love and, most importantly, ME!

I’m not going to lie, I spent a very long time looking at beautiful things that I might like to buy.
Did I want lingerie or quality make up? A handbag or a watch?

So. Much. Choice.

After much deliberation I opted for a Fitbit Flex.
20 years ago I’d have punched someone for buying me that but given I’m approaching 40 I figured it was time to start loving myself a little more.

I also bought myself some ‘sexy lingerie’. I’ve not included that in the picture for obvious reasons. I don’t have a wide angle lens…
Seriously, no one needs to see my pants but they are very nice.

I decided I would share the love as I felt guilty for buying myself wonderful things am a good and loving girlfriend. Rory is now the proud owner of a Ben Sherman cardigan that I really rather liked. And I’m sure he will too.

Amongst the abundance of Valentine’s gifts, Debenhams also sell gift experiences.
I’m sure you’re familiar with these little boxes of joy.
You pay for an ‘experience’ and the recipent can choose what they’d like to do.

Once Rory found out I had the Ultimate Time Together, gift experience he was surprisingly on board with Valentine’s Day…
“What will we do? Where will we go?”
“Oh, we DO do Valentine’s now eh?”

Showboat cruises, gourmet meals, bungee jumping, zip wires and Zombie apocolypses were all options in the package. We decided to rule those out, if I’m going away I want a bit of luxury, not something that risks ending in broken bones.

As a result we are going to be spending a couple of nights at The Fat Lamb country inn in Cumbria.
Two nights, sans enfants, with a chance to explore the lakes, enjoy a meal without eye spy and maybe have a sleep in.
It sounds absolutely perfect!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me us.


I was recieved these items in return for taking part in the Debenham’s Valentine’s campaign. All opinions, as ever, are my own. My full disclaimer can be found here





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