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Opi Malbec – Weekly Winedown #46

I’m really taking the Weekly out of these winedowns at the moment aren’t I?

I think I need to change it from a Friday. And maybe from an evening.
I’ll be honest, I think a Monday afternoon would work better for me but I’m not sure how much school would appreciate me rocking up to get the kids with an aroma of wine!

Anyway, it’s been a chaotic couple of weeks. I’m still trying to figure out how to make two jobs, life, parenting and wifeing work all at the same. Some things are getting neglected (the rug hasn’t been hoovered in ages and I throw Zoflora around like confetti)  and my ‘to do’ list is pretty hefty at the moment.

That’s my burden, not yours so let’s continue!

This week I did a terribly grown up thing.
Something that feels even more grown up than buying a house, getting married and having children.
I got a Laithwaite’s wine plan.Malbec bottles

You know the one, where you get sent wine every so often.
The deal was basically 14 bottles of wine and two wine tumblers (they’re a thing now) for £54 which BASICALLY works out at £3.85 a bottle. What an absolute bargain.

Rory keeps saying things like
“Well that’s the wine for Christmas sorted”


Tonight I am drinking Opi Malbec from Argentina. I chose this from the box randomly. It usually costs £9.99 a bottle apparently.

The label

Super simple – white, slightly embossed with the signature of the wine maker on it. No faff just information, as I like it.

Opi Malbec blurb

Right, there is a LOT of information on the back. Like, the man’s life story which I’m SURE is terribly interesting (I saw the words fishing and motor cross) but I like to keep to around 500 words so I’ll just share the bit about the wine.

It has an intense deep red colour; the nose and palate convey harmonious ripe blackberry and plum, underpinned by elegant smoke and vanilla notes from a deft touch of oak. This attractive wine is the perfect partner to red meat dishes, spicy sausage and cheese. 

Well, I have neither sausage nor cheese but this wine is an actual delight!

The nose is, as suggested very brambly. The palate is tart berry, the tannins are smooth and there is a really subtle vanilla/creamy finish. This is the kind of wine that doesn’t need food.
It can certainly be drank alone.

Name – Opi Malbec
Price – £9.99 (or £3.80 if you get this fancy plan)
Colour – Red purple
Smell – Bramble
Taste – Tart blackberries with a creamy finish
Goes well with – Autumn and candles that smell of gingerbread
Overall score – 4/5


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