Mermaid charm shell review #toys #review #mermaid

Mermaid Charm Shell by Interplay.

Growing up I always wanted a Keyper, those of you of a certain age may remember them.

They were large plastic animals with a shell that unlocked so you could hide your small, valuables in.
I had nothing of value to hide in one but my friend Emma had one and it seemed like the best thing ever.
I never got one.

30 years down the line and Interplay have sent Aoife the My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell to have a play with.
Once again I find myself on the outside looking in!

Since she was a toddler Aoife has liked to keep trinkets. She has boxes and bags of her ‘special’ things all over the place.
These can vary from a ‘very beautiful hair slide’ to a ‘lovely stone’ and often includes small toys and shiny things.

Mermaid Charm Review #toys #mermaid #review #kids

The Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell ticks all of Aoife’s boxes – it’s crafty, shiny, small and secret.
The pack contains a small mermaid, the accessories to make a charm bracelet, a small key and a lockable shell,

She spent the afternoon making a lovely little charm bracelet which she has worn with pride ever since. She then went on to run a sinkful of water to let her mermaid, Storm, swim and then locked some small ‘important’ stuff in her shell and hid it away from Seth.

She had a ball.

I asked Aoife what she thinks

Mermaid Charm Review #toys #mermaid #review #kidsIt’s brilliant, I like that you can design your charm bracelet however you want. I was a bit sad that the mermaid didn’t change colour in the water” 


The mermaid wasn’t meant to change colour, it’s just something she’d quite like to happen.

The Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell is good quality, not flimsy as some toys like that can be.
It kept her entertained for a good hour though I’m not sure of it’s long term appeal now she’s done the ‘making’ bit of it.

For now having somewhere new to hide her tiny treasures and wind Seth up is entertaining her no end.

You can purchase the Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell from Amazon, if you do so via this affiliate link I may even get a penny or two!
We received the Mermaid Charm Shell from Interplay for purpose of review. All opinions, as ever, are our own. Mermaid Charm Shell Review #mermaid #toys #reviews #parenting #kids #children

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