Weekly Winedown#37 Winsome Cousins Malbec #french #frenchred #redwine #malbec #frenchmalbec #winereview #redwine
weekly winedown

Weekly Winedown #37 Winsome Cousins Malbec

Welcome to the Weekly Winedown. Each week I selflessly drink wine for you and offer a review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy

I’ve really been slacking off haven’t I?

I’ve been inconsistent, distant, I’ve let you down.
I can only apologise for not giving you the attention and the wine information you need.

The blame lies entirely with me, my poor time management and my real life family wanting me to ‘parent’ ALL THE TIME.

I normally do the Winedown on an evening, for that is when is socially acceptable to drink wine.
However, tonight we are out. Not out out – just out at a school social thing (there will be wine – PHEW).
As a result I had to do my review at 1pm.
I’m not going to lie, it was only a very small glass but I’m feeling ready for bed already!

This week we have a French Malbec so say Bonjour to Winsome Cousins Malbec, currently on offer at £6.74 from Ocado.

The Label

As soon as you see the label it will become VERY clear why I chose this wine. It’s a simple label, white with a clear font declaring the name. Oh, and there’s a moose wearing glasses and a striped jumper. Yes, the label has a hipster moose on the front! I defy you to come up with something that shouts ‘FRENCH’ more than a moose in specs!?

The Blurb

Expressive bouquet of red fruits. Harmonious and nicely structured. Serve with strong flavoured cheeses and grilled meats.

In the past, we’ve been noted that a minimal blurb does not equate to a minimal wine. Remember Sangre de Toro?
I’m really hoping the same applies with this Malbec.
There’s a lot of expectation on my part, all stemming from that label…

The smell is quite ‘ripe’ – like fresh redcurrant or blackcurrant. The kind of smell that makes your tastebuds start tingling before you’ve even taken a sip.

The taste… You know when something feels like it’s sucked every piece of moisture from the inside of your face?
The first taste was like tart plums, almost bitter. The tannins are strong with this one leaving a really dry taste.
After a couple of sips my mouth became accustomed to the experience and the wine became surpringly palatable.
The wine felt like it could have waited just a little longer before being bottled.

It’s not, in my opinion, an £8.99 bottle of wine. It’s average.
You’d not be disappointed if you were served it in a pub but might be a bit put out if served it in a restaurant.

Saying that, I reckon if consumed with a strong, French cheese (as suggested) it would actually become a very different wine.

I am absolutely going to try the rest of the family – the Pinot Noir has a pipe smoking, gilet wearing giraffe and the merlot a tweed clad panda. What’s not to like?

Name – Winsome Cousins MalbecWinsome Cousins Malbec #redwine #frenchwine #frenchred #malbec #frenchmalbec #sinereview #winsomecousins #winetasting
Price – £6.74 (should be £8.99)
Colour – Dark red with a pinky edge.
Smell – Ripe blackcurrants
Taste – Strong tannins and tart plums.
Goes well with – A chunk of Roquefort maybe.
Overall score – 3/5.


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