The Chair

The chair.

Often underrated and largely overlooked, think about it, how much consideration do you give your chair?
If you’re like me the answer is barely any. 
As long as it’s sturdy enough to hold my weight, the right height for the table and comfortable enough it will do me.

This really is a terrible attitude to have.
Many iconic moments in film have involved a chair, think Basic Instinct, Reservoir Dogs, Blofeld, Cabaret, Flashdance and Scandal to name but a few.
Imagine any of those scenes without a chair.

Sharon Stone on a stool would have found it tricky flashing her wares without falling off.
Michael Masden dancing around a cop tied to a chintz armchair wouldn’t be quite so slick.
Blofeld leaning in a doorway clutching his cat wouldn’t seem quite so intimidating.
Liza Minelli with her leg perched upon a brick wall wouldn’t appear quite so glamorous.
Jennifer Beals performing the ‘Water Dance’ using a grandfather clock wouldn’t be so dynamic.
Had Christine Keeler posed on a bike, the movie poster for Scandal would have been a lot less sultry.

You get my point, that humble little chair actually deserves a little more recognition than it deserves.

Furniture At Work are trying to improve the reputation of the chair by asking

How does your office chair reflect your personal style? 

Yes, that’s right, they believe that every style has an office chair to match and have created this pretty convincing infographic to make their point. The chair is no longer for just sitting, it’s an accessory.

They asked me to join in with their campaign, to look at which office chair I associate with. To see which chair reflects my style accordingly.

Given that I work from home, most days I suspect I’d suit a squidgy, slightly creaky and torn around the edges chair.

This is probably not the style to aim for though…

So I thought about the style I like to wear, when I get the chance to wear something that doesn’t need to be suitable for the school run.

I generally have quite a vintage style and my office attire pre-children usually reflected that.

I’m a fan of high waisted pencil skirts paired with a cute blouse, tres chic and you know what?
I’ve found a chair that would suit my style. A chair that would make a statement.

Heck, it’s a chair that could have it’s own iconic movie scene!

It’s a perfect blend of business class and style.
It has a real ‘Pan-Am’ vibe about it, retro and classy all at once.

Obviously, traits for which I am known…

Check out this bad boy

It seems there IS an office chair for every style, I just need a bigger house with an office now.



This post is written in collaboration with Furniture at Work.



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