Zuru Bunch O Balloons – Giveaway.

My children are like pretty much any other, every time an advert comes on the TV they “really need” it.
Given that the sun has shone for over two weeks now, the object of desire at present is Bunch O Balloons

Much to their delight I was asked to review a Bunch o Balloons set  – their wish was granted.
The best bit is I got to take all the glory for it.
Parenting win.

After stalking the postman for a week, the box finally arrived and the kids could barely contain their excitement, the time had arrived to try these bad boys out.

The set we received included 2 launchers, 4 bunches of balloons, 2 bags for storing the filled balloons and an adaptor to fit to the hose.

If you’ve seen the advert you know you can fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds – just attach to a hose, fill them up, give them a little flick et voila!
Beautifully filled water balloons.
Clearly this takes practise/a little less cackhandedness than I posses though it was a damn site quicker than filling them one buy one using the kitchen tap.


Unfortunately, about a third of our first bunch didn’t inflate either due to being punctured by the filling straws or just not filling. The second bunch were more successful so it could have partly been user error.

Each child took a bag of filled balloons and chose a grown up and the battle commenced.
It ended up boys vs girls, I don’t like to brag but it turns out Aoife and I are quite the sharp shooters when it comes to water war!
We don’t have the hugest garden so the launchers were probably a little excessive for our needs but we used them anyway.
The children had an absolute blast and, for a little while at least, thought I was the most fun Mum ever. Even us grown ups admitted we had fun too, though one of us ended up considerably more wet that the rest…

The box suggested that with a launcher you could project a water balloon 60ft so we sent Rory up the street to see if this were indeed true.
I’m can’t confirm that it was exactly 60ft but he did throw it very far.

Although we had loads of fun with the Bunch O Balloons, I do feel that we would have benefited with more people in more space. In fact Erica from The Incidental Parent, recently used them on holiday where they had a lot of outdoor space and a pool and she thought they were brilliant.

Bunch O Balloons are a great concept, really quick and easy to fill (though the kids still felt that whole minute was far too long) they would be perfect for a kids summer party or, if you like your neighbours and live on a safe quiet street, a big street water fight in a way not to dissimilar to Zuru’s current Mr Summer promo.

I went into this review slightly cynically, thinking it would be a lot of effort for 5 minutes of fun but the water balloons lasted a fair while and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves – we’re debating taking the remaining bunches of balloons on holiday with us.
I would definitely suggest filling at least two bunches and be sure to stick to the recommended fill size or they will just start bursting at will which leads to disappointed children!

Rumour has it that summer might be here for a little longer, if you want to celebrate the sunshine (and have your children think you’re the best grown up ever) why not enter my competition to win a Bunch O Balloons bundle of your very own.
The bundle, worth £41, includes 1 x launcher, 3 x bunches of balloons and a Minions 3 pack of balloons.
You can enter down below or here.


We received Bunch O Balloons in return for a review. All opinions, as ever, are my own.

Bunch O’ Balloons bundle Giveaway

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