I’m not taking the p**s, it’s an Illumibowl!


In previous posts I have touched upon the nightmare of night times with our 6 year old. She wouldn’t settle at bedtime, she would shout, scream and cry and we would be running up and downstairs for ages. She would finally settle but then during the night again she would wake and start with the shouting and screaming for hours again. This meant we were up all night and pretty exhausted. If it wasn’t for Seth we would have just let her shout it out but it wasn’t an option while he was there to be woken. (I really should do a proper post about this because looking back it was a pretty bloody difficult time, remind me please).  It went on for months but finally in February we cracked it. Some things changed, she got a new room et voila! All was good, well almost. Continue reading “I’m not taking the p**s, it’s an Illumibowl!”