4 astounding things to do in Mumbai

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When we plan to go somewhere in India, then the first places come into our mind are Goa and Mumbai. If you are residing here at Goa and you want to go to Mumbai then you should not waste time. Just check Goa to Mumbai flights​ ​and plan a trip to Mumbai right away. Mumbai offers a wide range of activities and experiences if you are going to visit it, you will be able to enjoy birdwatching, architecture, and going into a tangle of jungle. There are many things you can do when you will go there, here is the list for the places that you can visit:

1. Strolling at the splendid railway station of Mumbai

You should visit the Mumbai’s railway station in order to spend some quality time. It was built in order to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. You should pay a visit so that you can check this amazing built of earlier times.

2. Cycling at dawn

It will be a wonderful experience if you will cycle at dawn, there is a vast range of 14km where you can cycle all across the city. There you will find the tea stalls and can have your first cup of tea of the day with the rising sun. There are many places that will come across your way and you will enjoy that sight-seeing while cycling. There is also a small tip for you that you must not have anything in breakfast until you reach the local café.
You will get the typical south Indian breakfast, coconut chutney, pancake/ crispy Dosa served with vegetables. Healthy enough, right?

3. Remarkable architecture

There is a sea facing gateway with remarkable architecture, there you will be able to learn more about amazing histories of those buildings. You should visit there if you are interested in exploring the histories. If you are not interested in exploring the histories, still you should pay a visit there, because of the fact that you will find astounding views there, moreover, you can click fascinating pictures.

4. Parsi Café

You will find whirring fans, droop chandeliers, and soaring ceilings when you are visiting Parsi Café. It has tall glass arched doors that will lead you to the street. There is a 95 year old man, who is running this amazing café and takes the visitors back to his era. There you will be able to enjoy Iranian chicken, Caramel onion, sour barberries, and much more. Just try one of them and you will not regret that you checked it, and check the other one the next day. In this way you will be able to try all the specials dishes.

End note

These are the best things you can do in Mumbai, if you are a traveller and want to visit amazing places in the country then you should go for Mumbai. Check Goa to Mumbai flights ​and you are good to go, just do not miss to go to this astounding place if you have not been there till now.

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