Getting crafty with Printkick

If you’re a parent, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the school holidays are here!
This year we are coping remarkably well.

That could possibly be because we were away for a couple of weeks at the start of the summer…

It really has been a lot more pleasant though.
Seth being that little bit older means that the kids have enjoyed spending time with each other and doing things together for a change!

It also helps that Printkick kindly sent some art and craft bits for us to try out.

Printkick are a small family business and proud sponsors of The Umbrella Project 2018 with ADHD Foundation to raise awareness of ADHD and autism.
They primarily dealt with selling printed ceramics to small businesses throughout the UK but with the launch of their new website have expanded their range to include a whole variety of personalised promotional material and, of course, the children’s art and craft products we’re reviewing!

What we received

We received a right box of goodies.
Colour your own back pack, apron, shopping bag and magnets.
An adult colouring book and pencil set and a children’s drawing pad and pencil set.

This obviously led to a daily chorus of
Can we colour the bags in yet”

Until I relented and let them go.

Now, I’m torn with things like this.
I love drawing and colouring, I think items like this are fantastic and great for both children BUT Seth still doesn’t colour in the lines.
It makes me twitch which is why I didn’t hand them over straight away.

Aoife chose to colour the back pack and she spent literally the whole day colouring it in.
The silence was BLISS.

She had decided Seth would like to colour the apron, he’s a pretty laid back chap so was happy to oblige. I’m going to be honest, Seth didn’t put as much effort in as I’d hoped he would but he still enjoyed himself.
I may very well have taken over a little of the colouring in myself…

I haven’t been one for adult colouring before and was quite looking forward to spending a peaceful evening having a little colour.
It didn’t happen for two reasons:
1 – Aoife decided she’d have that too.
2 – I haven’t had a peaceful evening in seven years.

What did we think

All the ‘colour your own’ items came with their own small pack of felt pens.
The apron and shopping bag were quite a flimsy material, I’m not sure they could be used practically for very long. They’d make a really good item for a party bag.
The back pack was really good quality and has been used daily since completion.
The only thing Aoife didn’t like was the felt tips. She would have preferred big ones so used her own instead.

The adult colouring set and drawing pad set are beautiful.
Both come in a brown cardboard presentation pack that holds both the pad and the colouring pencils.
Very quaint.
They are beautifully presented and good quality, they would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone else.

We received these items from Printkick for purpose of review.
All opinions, as ever, are our own. 




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