Why Your Side Sleeping Kids Might Need a Mattress Topper

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Kids can sleep in any position ever imagined and then some, but as they get bigger, they tend to settle down to several that are most comfortable. For instance, my first-born started from a sleeping on stomach position and gradually shifted to sleeping on the side while the youngest one went directly with the side sleeping.

According to specialists, sleeping on the side is one of the best positions, especially if you sleep on the left. This position promotes blood flow, a faster release of toxins, and keeps the internal organs in check. It is also good for the spine, if you have the right support.

Speaking of support, I read on RestRightMattress that it can make the difference between developing back pain later in life and feeling light as a feather every morning. Even more aggravating, if the mattress is not well-supported, a growing child’s spine could get deformed or the growth process could be affected. This is why I find it important to offer valuable information that may serve any other parent here.

Side Sleepers need Special Support

The good news is that, because most people sleep on their side, most mattresses are designed to accommodate it. The bad news is, that the majority of beds on the market feature a universal surface that sort of fits the needs of a side sleeper.

So, to make sure you have the right support and that the back is straight while the entire body is aligned, you need to find a topper. The cool thing about toppers is that they can make a mattress that’s ‘meh’ feel good (as long as the mattress’s structure isn’t affected).

What Exactly Is Support?

Each bed has a support system designed to keep the spine in alignment when the body is in a horizontal position. This is usually made of the inner workings of a mattress. For instance, a spring design has rows of springs inside that will give that bouncy feeling we all love so much. On the other hand, a foam design has several layers of foam, with different densities, that provide the necessary cushioning.

Overall, the idea is that your spine needs to be in perfect alignment for you to have a good night’s sleep. For kids, this is even more important, since their spine is still growing.

How Do You Find the Right Support?

This is where the things get a bit tricky. Each sleeping position requires a different type of support and firmness. For example, people sleeping on the side need a medium firmness, with variable support to fit their natural curves.

You need a bit more support in the middle, to keep the torso up and a bit less support around the shoulders and hips, to allow them to sink into the surface a little bit. This creates a perfect line with the horizontal and allows the spinal disks to decompress.

Now, mattress producers do implement variable support in many of their models, but it’s not always crafter to your specific needs. This is where a topper will sweeten the deal. Not to mention that it can be cleaned a lot easier and you can carry it around (if you go on vacation or move to another apartment).

In Conclusion

In my opinion, mattress toppers are a fantastic product especially when you have kids that still grow! They are affordable, easy to handle, and can be easily replaced if something is not right. Also, as your kid grows older, you can get a new topper to fit their new needs.

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