Weekly Winedown #42 Head Honcho Merlot

Well, it’s been a while but the winedown is back!
For now at least. 

Can you believe it has been 62 whole days since my last weekly winedown?

God didn’t even flood Noah for that long.
That’s one epic break.

The worst thing about it is, not only have you missed out on my wine-y goodness, but in that whole time I have nothing to tell you.
Nothing as I can recall anyway.

We’ve been to a lovely wedding, we have had a holiday.
I have turned 40, turns out it’s exactly the same as 39 except I fell over.
We had our wedding reception.
It’s been a fun packed 62 days yet nothing really to tell you about.


Let’s crack on.
This week wine is a Chilean Merlot, usually a firm favourite. It’s called Head Honcho and my mum chose it for me.
She chose it for it’s label which is the exact same reason I’d have chose it!

The label

Look at it.
Just look at it. It’s bloody beautiful – very Alice in Wonderland. There’s a cat in a top hat and smoking jacket, he has human hands and is writing with a quill. There’s a flamingo with a vulture on his back. An ostrich just taking a look at what’s going on and a heron looking at a kingfisher while a snake sits watching.
What is not to love?

The Blurb

“Screaming with plums and black cherries. Drink it with a pulled pork roll”

Ahhhh pulled pork roll, that Chilean classic.
It’s quite a bossy label but you know what? I like it.

It’s a jammy nose with a slight hint of clove. I don’t mean jammy like the bad ‘wine term’ jammy. I mean it smells like jam.

The taste is round and full, rather pleasant. Certainly a hit of cherries and tart plums with a softly spice finished.
This may not be the most highbrow wine but it is an easy drinker.

Name – Head Honcho Merlot
Price – £6.50
Colour – Deep red
Smell – Jam and cloves
Taste – Cherries and plums with a hint of spice
Goes well with – A catch up with friends and idle chit chat.
Overall score – 3.5/5 – an easy drinker.

The kids are away so I am flying solo on the video.



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