Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Although this post contains products that were sent with the purpose of inclusion and affiliate links, I genuinely think these are some fabulous Christmas gift ideas. 

I love Christmas but I hate buying gifts for people just for the sake of it. Rather than buy a gift because ‘that’s just how we do it’ I’d much rather buy something I think will be really enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.  Here are a few items that I think will be enjoyed this year.

For Children. 

LiTTLEDUG Workstation. 

Inspired by BiGDUG’s BiG400 Heavy Duty Workstation, the limited edition LiTTLEDUG Workstation would make the perfect Christmas gift for the little engineers and DIY enthusiasts in your home.

The hard wearing plastic workstation comes with over 60 pieces including tools and accessories – all the perfect size for small hands and big imaginations. The LiTTLEDUG workstation and tool set is easy to set up and stands at 68cm high when built. Due to small parts, it is suitable for children aged at 3+. 

Priced very reasonably at £19.99, this workstation will ensure hours of fun and is available direct from BiGDUG

Screwball Scramble Level 2

I have always been a huge fan of Screwball Scramble by Tomy.  In fact, I’m going to use this moment to confess that I was friends with one girl at school simply so I could go to her house and play it because I didn’t have one. Sorry that girl. Now, 30 years on I have my very own Screwball Scramble Level 2 and it is JUST as good as the original and has bought out the competitive edge in the children and adults alike in our household. With 10 new obstacles to overcome, Screwball Scramble challenges the skills, dexterity and patience of adults and children alike and with an RRP of £22.99 would be a great gift for some Christmas competition. 

You can get Screwball Scramble Level 2 from a variety of stockists including Smyths and Amazon

Lipstick Laboratory

We love a bit of STEM in this house and independent, online toyshop Toys & Bears has an abundance to choose from. Their huge selection of eco- inspired and STEM toys includes;  I’m a Genius Botanical Laboratory, complete with fully functioning greenhouse and innovative watering system;  Tip Top Pottery, including pottery wheel; First Class Chemistry, with 50 experiments to introduce your budding scientist to chemistry and the periodic table; and I’m a Genius Lipstick Laboratory. The Lipstick Laboratory contains everything you need to create lipsticks in a safe way. With ingredients to make lipsticks in two different colours with two different scents. It also includes a manual of fun facts exploring the history of lipstick. Suitable for ages 8+ the I’m a Genius Lipstick Laboratory is priced at £17.99. 

For Families

Jaques of London

A staple of our Christmas period is playing games, we are a competitive family after all and who doesn’t love a bit of festive competition after a turkey dinner? Although we often partake in a bit of Mario Kart, there’s nothing better than a more traditional board game and this year we have a brand new one to enjoy thanks to Jaques of London. Jaques is home to more wooden toys and games than you can shake a stick at and has something for everyone from babies to the more *ahem* mature family members.  After looking through all Jaques had to offer I just had to order one of their Backgammon Sets. I chose this one in a leatherette case because it reminds me of the set my parents had when I was a child – ahhh nostalgia. I’ve been teaching Aoife to play online and she is getting really good at it (I’m not going to suggest that she keeps winning because the game gives her hints…) so I’m hoping that I can show her how to play with a proper set.  Maybe I’ll even be in with a chance of winning! Jaques has lots of lovely gift ideas on their site, so head over to grab something wonderful. 

For Self Care

Arran Sense of Scotland

Taking time out, slowing down and connecting with nature is known to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing and this is, essentially, what those lovely folk at Arran Sense of Scotland are trying to bottle. This family run business, based on the Isle of Arran, has been creating evocative and vibrant scents for three decades and their beautiful products ensure you can find something for everyone. From fragrance to bath & body; from hair care to home scents; from stocking filler to luxury gift set you will be able to find something wonderful to gift…or maybe just treat yourself. I’m currently using the Cedarwood and Citrus scent in my house which is absolutely perfect for those cosy, autumn nights in. 

Our Remedy

“Our Remedy is an award-winning female-founded brand with a focus on sustainability and self-care. We believe in happier periods, finding balance and caring for our planet. Our range is lovingly made in the UK, totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly materials”.

Now, I know CBD use can be a little divisive but if you (or someone you know) DOES choose to use CBD then Our Remedy offers some lovely gift sets that are perfect for Christmas. Pretty Peaceful is a restorative sleep blend flavoured with lavender, sweet orange and geranium while the Moon Swings is flavoured with peppermint and clary sage, formulated to improve your wellbeing during the up and down times of your period. A Wellness Duo gift set starts at £59.99, comes beautifully packaged and would make a really thoughtful gift. 


Eco-Friendly Shaving 

The Clear Confidence Company have created a unique plastic-free, vegan shaving brush. Perfect for those looking to make more eco-friendly changes in their life. Not only is this shaving brush good for the environment but using a shaving brush to shave is also good for your skin. The brush gently massages skin when applying the cream creating a luxurious, closer shave with reduced irritation and fewer ingrown hairs  – WIN! The Clear Confidence Company recommend teaming their 100% plastic free shaving brush with the Eco Warrior shaving bar for a super, smooth shave. Priced at £14.97, this would make a lovely gift for the environmentally conscious shaver in your life. 

Slipper Boots

I personally am not a slipper person, I’d rather walk around the house barefoot and complain I’m cold. Aoife on the other hand loves to be snuggled up of an evening and so was over the moon when these Ursula slipper boots arrived from Bedroom Athletics. These cute ankle boot slippers have a Sherpa fleece upper and are faux fur inside, they also have a decent sole to avoid slipping all over the laminate floor, priced at £20, I could be tempted to get some for myself too! 

Bedroom Athletics not only stock a vast range of styles for men and women, they also sell super snug dressing gowns, cushions and throws – they even have a vegan range available. 

For Pets

Sniffe & Likkit

We can’t forget our furry friends this festive period, Sniffe & Likkit have created a range of Christmas goodies to perfectly pamper your pooch. Inn the Dog House is a selection of natural scented grooming goodies for your pup (which looks better than most of my smellies) for just £17.00. The box contains Fragrant Fur Coat,  a 3 in 1 brightening and conditioning shampoo to keep your dog’s coat in tip top condition; Whippet Cleansing Wipes, for a quick freshen up; Give A Dog Cologne, a perfume mist to refresh fur fast; and Scent Something Nice, a little something to freshen up the house and ensure there are no pup pongs around.  If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your furry buddy, then the Paw-Kit Full of Treats is the one for you (them). This cute, faux fur stocking contains three packs of natural biscuit, bite-sized treats that your dog will be delighted to find on the end of his dog bed on Christmas morning. You can even get a Mutt Cracker mini-treat to hang on the tree so your dog really feels like part of the festive, family fun. 
I’m not going to lie, I’m sold on this because I love the puns. 























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