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Escape Hunt Leeds – Our Finest Hour

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves with a few child free days so we did what any self-respecting parents in this situation would do.
We partied like it was 2008.

OK, maybe not QUITE that but we did put a dream team together and head into Leeds for Our Finest Hour…

Escape Hunt Leeds

Based on the upper balcony of The Light in Leeds city centre, Escape Hunt Leeds is one of the newest escape room experiences in town.

Walking into Escape Hunt Leeds is a little like entering a Gentlemen’s Club – the old-fashioned kind, not the kind where ladies prance around in their knickers.

Escape Hunt Leeds lounge waiting area
With dark panelled walls, wooden floor and bar in the corner a really nice vibe is created from the outset.  You can have a drink or play a few rounds of draughts, chess or Jenga to warm up the brain before beginning your game.
My sister-in-law takes this kind of thing quite seriously so we just had water to keep a clear head.

Our games master Sion, led us down a corridor, confiscated our phones, ran through some health & safety information and then gave us our brief.

The year is 1942, we are in the throes of WWII and have found ourselves in an enemy bunker where we need to destroy the super weapons that are set to destroy Britain IN ONE HOUR.

No pressure eh?!

As we entered the sparse room and the door shut behind us I wondered how the flip we were going to find any clues never mind escape. I envisaged Sion watching us on the camera and laughing at how inept we were…

There has been so much effort and attention to detail put into the room and the clues, a real atmosphere is created, and it all got a bit tense in the end!
Obviously, the joy of Escape Hunt is working out the clues in order to escape, so what happened in that room stays in that room.

I can tell you that not only did we destroy the missiles – you are so welcome Britain – but we did so with 13 minutes to spare (and only one clue) putting us in 3rd place on the leader board.


I don’t like to brag but….massive brag!

It really was Our Finest Hour!  We all really enjoyed it and want to escape another room very soon!

Escape Hunt Leeds currently offers four escape rooms: The Fourth Samurai, Blackbeard’s Treasure and Our Finest Hour and the Doctor Who themed ‘Worlds Collide’.

I am really looking forward to visiting the Doctor Who room which is an original creation in partnership with the BBC for Escape Hunt.

We were invited to play Escape Hunt Leeds for promotional purposes. All opinions, as ever, are my own. 




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