Wally the Washer review

Wally the Washer – review & giveaway!

I’ve mentioned before how, as a family, we are fans of table top games.
Now both children are at school and the weather is turning colder, we find ourselves re-grouping via the medium of lighthearted competition once again!

This week we tried out one of Drumond Park’s newest additions – Wally the Washer. I’m also giving you the chance to win your own Wally the Washer game at the end of the post.

Wally spins like a real washing machine, you just need to fill him up, set him going and fill your washing line with clean clothes before your opponent! Just a note here -he does require 3 x AA batteries which aren’t provided so be sure you’ve got some in before telling the kids they have a new game to play!

Wally the Washer Rules

The game is suitable for ages 4 and up and is so very simply to set up and play.

  • Decide what colour washing line you will fill
  • Pop all the clothes, and the dirty sock, into Wally
  • Make sure Wally is in reach of each player and switch him on, his drum will start spinning
  • Each player takes turns in stopping Wally who will throw his door open and spill the clothes onto the table

Once Wally is stopped, one of three things will happen…

If only clothes fall out of Wally the Washer, each player quickly grabs the clothes that match their washing line and hang them up.

If clothes and the dirty sock fall out, everything that has just fallen out is put back INTO Wally and the player who stopped Wally places the giant clothes peg onto their nose and wears it until the dirty sock falls out again.

wally the washer peg

In the event of nothing falling out of Wally, that player’s turn is over.

The winner of the game is the person who fills their washing line first.

Once we had a winner, we carried on playing for second and third place – we like healthy competition…

The kids absolutely loved playing Wally the Washer and have played at least once a day since we received it. The peg on the nose is a constant source of amusement. It is so easy to set up the kids can get it out and play by themselves without having to wait for one of us to do it – always a winner.

Wally the Washer has an RRP of £24.99 but you have the chance to win one in time for Christmas!

Just follow the link below to be in with a chance.

Giveaway closes November 5th 2018.

Good Luck!

WIN Wally the Washer

We received Wally the Washer in return for an honest review. All opinions, as ever, are our own. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link full disclosure can be found here


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