Essentials for your next caravan holiday.
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Essentials For Your Next Caravan Holiday

When you hear the word holiday, it’s usually followed by wishful thoughts of tropical islands, which swiftly come to a halt when you think of the price tag. If you fancy a getaway, but can’t get abroad, why not aim for somewhere closer to home? There are so many caravan parks you can pick from in the UK. Caravan holidays are growing in popularity in the UK.  It’s a chance for you to get a break, without breaking the bank. If you’re new to the world of the caravan holiday, have a read to make sure you’ve got everything before you get away.

Outdoor Furniture

Of course, with this being the UK, outdoor furniture is always an optimistic pack but an important one nonetheless. You’ll be spending lots of time in the caravan, so it’s always good to bring some outdoor furniture with you to create a second space. Even just a couple of deckchairs would suffice. It gives you a chance to get some fresh air in comfort. Maybe just make sure everything you pack is water-resistant.


 Even though you’re outdoors and wanting to make the most of nature, you’re still going to want some power. The caravan itself will need to be kept charged to keep running. Also if you’re bringing any gadgets – we’re only human and can’t resist taking some tech with us – you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a reliable way of charging them up. With SGS Engineering, you’ll find a generator to suit all your outdoor needs.


You’re going to want to make sure you’re heading for your holiday fully prepared. It depends on the caravan park you go to, but there might not be a supermarket around for miles. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of food to last you, and whoever else is with you, for the duration of your stay.  Also, the time of year you’re going to will impact what other bits you need. In summer you’ll want to think of insect repellent and suncream. In the colder months you’ll want to think of extra layers, blankets and perhaps a flask for hot beverages. Plus make sure there’s a medical kit on board. Essentially you want to make sure you’ve got all bases covered to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible.

Indoor Activities

You’ve got to remember there’s more than just practical possessions for you to pack. You’re going away for fun after all, so remember to take fun things with you. This can be anything you like: books, board games, or even booze. You want to make the most of the experience, so bring things you take pleasure in and will help you relax on your trip.

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