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Portable North Pole PNP Magic Pass

Advent is upon us!

Not only does that mean chocolate for breakfast – yum – but for many households the Christmas traditions begin in the form of ‘That Bloomin’ Elf’.

Now, I’ve said before how I have neither the time nor the imagination to create 24 different elf scenarios so instead, we use Portable North Pole (PNP) for our pre-Christmas bribery.

I’ve spoken before about PNP as I’ve used it for years and last year we received their Do-Good Elves so this year we have just signed up for the Magic Pass.

What is Portable North Pole (PNP)?

PNP is an online platform used by Santa and his elves (with a little help from yourself) to send personalised video messages and calls to loved ones no matter where in the world they are.

You help Santa collect all the information he needs about your recipient in order to create a tailor made video message or phone call that really is magical.

Although the platform can be used online, the best way to access it is via the app which is split into two areas.

Portable North Pole Magic Pass Elf

PNP Magic Pass Parent’s Corner

This is where you make the magic! It is pin protected so prying eyes can’t peep behind the curtain. Here you can find a variety of videos and calls that can be personalised, from the Magical Carousel to The Elves Magic Door your child will be addressed by Santa, who will not only know their name but what they’ve asked for for Christmas, their friends name and what they’ve done this year – complete with pictures. He will also let them know whether they are on the Naughty, Almost Nice or Nice list.

Just a word of warning, one particularly trying year we briefly put Aoife on the ‘Almost Nice’ list, I felt awful as I saw her heart break when Santa told her this. On the plus side she DID improve her behaviour and move on to the nice list but I still felt terrible.
A Magic Pass lasts a year, so you can also create a special birthday message throughout the year from Santa.

The videos take about five minutes to set up and are easier done on a laptop, you can also prepare them in advance or for a few children as they will only be visible in the Kid’s Corner once you’ve ticked a box. This is a great idea as you can create a few for throughout advent, with them moving from one list to another if you can deal with that heartache.

Once your videos are all set and ready to go hand your phone or tablet to your child and set them free in the Kid’s Corner.

Portable North Pole PNP Santa

PNP Magic Pass Kid’s Corner

Once in the PNP Kid’s Corner there’s a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do. There’s an advent calendar, they can listen to Santa’s Voicemail messages, play games, take Elfie’s and, most importantly, retrieve their messages from Santa.

The look of joy on their face really is heartwarming and they can watch the videos repeatedly. Even though Aoife is almost 8 and maybe a little unsure as to HOW real Santa is (thanks Grinch kids at school) these videos seem to give her a bit more belief for another year.

Portable North Pole PNP Santa

What you get with the PNP Magic Pass

The Magic Pass costs £11.99 and lasts until 30th September the following year (though good deals can be found pre-December).
For this you receive….

  • Unlimited Premium Videos and Calls for Unlimited Kids
  • Includes all Premium videos and calls
  • The Reaction Recorder
  • with the mobile app only
  • HD Downloads
  • of all your Premium Videos
  • The Verdict Update
  • Get a phone call from Santa during the video!
  • Video Calls from Santa
  • You can see and hear Santa on a face-to-face video call

The videos WILL delete from the account once the pass expires but you can download them all to your device.

Over the years, the cost of PNP has risen, but the quality and material available has too. These aren’t just crappy videos with naff actors, they truly are beautiful to watch and, in my opinion, worth the money. Besides, you can create for unlimited children so get your nieces and nephews on there too! It’s also worth pointing out that 5% of every purchase on PNP, whether a pass or a toy, goes to Children’s hospitals too.

We received a Magic Pass in exchange for an honest, review. As I mentioned previously, I’ve used PNP for years and we love it.

Now here is Seth’s reaction cam this year. I feel I need to point out he isn’t picking his nose, that’s chocolate on his face and he has more flattering angles.

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