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Re-decorating the kids room on a budget – it is possible!

We all want the best for our kids, whether it’s a choice of toys, family holidays and quality time or a nice bedroom where they can relax and play. You might be excited at the idea of stripping out your kids room and totally redecorating, but your bank balance might not share your enthusiasm. So, with that in mind, here you’ll find some simple and straightforward ways you can totally transform your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank!

The skirting boards

Yes! Skirting boards are something we give very little thought to, even though they work hard to save our walls from scuffs and scrapes and damage caused by furniture. So, with that in mind, skirting boards can quickly become dirty, scruffy and tired looking – muting the whole style of the bedroom and making it look dreary and dull. The solution? You can simply replace them – check out this skirting boards company for more information about replacing yours – or have a go at repainting them and freshen them up. The room will instantly look brighter and fresh.

Try some stencils

Plain walls can quickly become dull. Even if you’ve recently painted. The solution? You can quickly jazz up boring walls with some stencil art and introduce some different colours. You could choose a favourite cartoon character or keep it simple and try something like stars or shapes. Bear in mind that as your child grows, their tastes will change!

Add some of their own artwork

My little ones are always bringing home folders, filled with artwork, pictures and school projects. So, if you have a budding Picasso, then why not put some of their work on display? You can do this simply by hanging string around the room and pegging some pictures and artwork along it. Alternatively you could stick the pictures on the walls, creating a frame with some colourful washi tape.

Repurpose and reuse

If the kids bedroom has old furniture in it that is old, tired and looks pretty grim, or covered in stickers, then don’t worry – you don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune on new drawers, wardrobes or bedside tables. All you need is a lick of paint and some new drawer pulls or handles. All of which are easily available online or in hardware shops. If the bedroom has a new theme then it’s a perfect way to compliment it; colour coordinated drawers and appropriate hardware will look great!

Create a library or reading corner

We all know how wonderful it is to get the kids reading and picking up books independently. So, why not encourage them by creating a little reading corner? You won’t have to do much – just introduce a beanbag or two or a nice new chair (possibly refurnished, like above) and have their books easily accessible. Whether that’s a new bookshelf or books simply piled up neatly. Make sure they have plenty of lighting so they don’t strain their eyes.

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