5 Reasons to visit Berlin
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5 Reasons Everyone Needs To Visit Berlin

Being the capital of Germany and a place with both dark and rich history, Berlin is a must-visit for anyone who is planning a trip to or across Europe. In case you did not get a chance to see the capital city yet or have been putting it off because you do not know a lot about it, here are five reasons why you need to visit Berlin for an experience like no other.

The Nightlife

The nightlife in Berlin is nothing short of legendary and if you have any interest in partying whatsoever, it is almost impossible that you have never heard about it before. The techno clubs of Berlin are famous for attracting people from not just across Europe, but all over the world. Visit Lab.Oratory or Berghain on any day of the week to find them bustling with a beautiful crowd, moving with the non-stop electro beats. However, the famous clubs are not your only options when it comes to experiencing the Berlin nightlife because there are also cabaret shows, circuses, comedy shows, live music and, of course, pubs everywhere in the city. If you are even remotely into parties and nightclubs, it doesn’t get more happening than it does in Berlin.

The Abandoned City

In stark contrast to the bustling nightlife of the clubs, lies the abandoned sections of the city for those that are more interested in the forgotten history and unnerving side of the capital. These sites are the reasons why Berlin is considered to be one of the top spots in all Europe for urban exploration. There are spy stations, empty military bunkers, abandoned theme parks, remnants of long-forgotten structures, collapsed remains of the Berlin Wall, and so much more to see here during the day. Be sure to visit Traveller365 for more tips on how to explore the various mysterious, historical sites in Berlin, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Also, once you have checked the site for the tips you need, do hire a local guide to help you actually get to the locations and explore them.

The Multicultural Diet

When you eat something different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, it is safe to call it a multicultural diet! This is precisely what you will be having in the city because ever since the Berlin Wall came down, it has continued to be a wonderful place for multiple cultures to mingle and thrive together. A destination for food enthusiasts from all over the planet, some of the famous dishes that everyone needs to try include currywurst, spätzle, schnitzel, maultaschen, eisbein and senfeier among many others. Visitors will find these and much, much more in not just the Michelin Star rated big names, but pretty much on the streets of Berlin as well. In fact, some would argue that the street food here may even rival the much more expensive restaurants on occasions. We recommend finding the truth out on your own, as it’s a win-win scenario really!

The Street Art

Now, street art isn’t anything new to someone living in London or Paris because they too are considered to be among the top locations in the whole world for witnessing brilliant street art. However, the art in each of these cities has its own unique style, influenced by social, historical, political and cultural aspects of the region. Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, we recommend seeing the East Side Gallery, The Cosmonaut, Wrinkles of the City, and the Euro Berlin Wall during your visit to Berlin. Although, thanks to the open minded and peacefully rebellious nature of the locals in general, you will see many murals on the city walls throughout your visit.

The Historical Monuments

No visit to Berlin can be considered complete unless the visitors have seen at least some of the famous historical monuments that are reminders of the country’s past, which is both rich and controversial at the same time. While there are many, we recommend seeing the following three first.

The Reichstag – The Reichstag Palace was originally the home of the German Diet before it was burned down in the year 1933. Right now, it serves as the German Parliament (since its reconstruction in 1999) and as a major tourist attraction.

The Brandenburg Gate – Inspired by the design of Propylaea in Acropolis (Athens), the Brandenburg Gate was built in the late 18th century, under King Frederick Wilhelm II. The gate is made out of sandstone, and it stands at over 85-feet tall as a witness to some of Germany’s most important historical events.

The Berlin Wall Memorial – Arguably the biggest and the darkest reminder of Germany’s controversial past, stands the preserved and protected Berlin Wall Memorial, that includes a 1.4km segment of the original Wall. While you are there, do check out the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum and Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie as well.

Consider this to be just an introduction to what awaits you in the city and depending on how willing you are to experience everything on offer, you will probably be able to add a few reasons of your own to this list by the end of your trip.


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