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The Best Sleep Accessories for New Parents

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Parenting is an absolute miracle, but is something that doesn’t come with a free manual on arrival! You want to get all the help you can to make being a parent as enjoyable as possible though, and this is where sleep accessories come in.

What’s more, if you’re a new parent, sleep (possibly, an increased shortage of) is essential to you and your little one. We know parents can struggle to get their babies sleeping well throughout the night, sometimes for the first 2-3 years. Thankfully, investing in some essential sleep-based accessories could assist the whole family gaining back that high-quality slumber.

We’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best accessories to check out as a new parent so that you don’t have to go looking for them because let’s admit it, you’ve got enough to juggle right now. But, that’s okay, help is at hand with ones like these; just take a look and see for yourself …

Baby Monitor

First things first, having a baby monitor is not only ‘cool tech’, but it’s also a great way to keep an ear on your baby and enjoy the thrill of hearing what they’re doing while they sleep.

You can also get baby monitors that have video as well as audio, giving you the ability to watch their movements while they’re in the Land of Nod. This is an accessory that will help you relax and also allow your child to benefit from because they won’t be disturbed by doting parents during rest time.

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine acts as a great addition for first-time parents who have sleep high on their list of priorities. This handy piece of tech creates a neutral noise that your baby will hear and can remind them of the womb. This helps them get off to sleep when other things aren’t quite doing the trick.

White noise machines vary, but all work toward the same goal. You can also download white noise apps onto your smartphone or a similar device that can be utilised for helping the newest member of the family sleep … like a baby!

Breast Pump

Times will arise when you simply won’t be able to breastfeed. In these times, breast pumps could really help to save the day. The breast pump allows you to store some extra bottles of your own breast milk for these exact moments when you aren’t able to breastfeed, and the best part is, your significant other can give them the bottle too.

This allows parents to take turns feeding, so each has their turn for a chance at uninterrupted sleep.

Now that you have three of the best general accessories in mind, we’re going to shine a light on some specific accessories that are at the forefront of sleep tech for your special little cherub.

1 – The Galaxy Clock

This little device works by soothing your unsettled baby. The Galaxy Clock blends a host of super features that each benefit your little one to drift off with as little fuss as possible.

The relaxing stars projector is soothing and mesmerising; the seven calming nature and white noise sounds help to relax them to sleep; and the alarm clock & temperature monitor allow your nipper to wake-up naturally and gradually, while also checking the temperature with the press of a single button.

2 – Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

This clever little soother not only sends your little one into a sweet slumber but also helps to ensure that they remain asleep, thanks to the lighting and sounds of ‘Sea Dreams.’

Featuring four different combinations of motion, lights, and sounds, the device also has a unique “Drift-Off” feature. This feature gradually darkens the room, emulating the soft fading light of a natural sunset.

The characters are set in a real-life ocean background that is accompanied by classical melodies or ocean sounds to aid optimum sleep. The device comes with a remote-activated start and built-in volume control to suit your baby’s needs.

3 –  The Baby Shusher

Have you ever tried to count the number of times you say “shh” to your baby to soothe them off to sleep? It’s A LOT! So, to help you with this, meet The Baby Shusher. This piece of tech actually creates a “shushing” sound that simulates the sound of you shushing your baby.

Similarly to a white noise machine, you get a gentle “shushing” sound, and after a period of time – which you are able to pre-set yourself – the shush sound gradually fades away, leaving your precious little angel to sleep in sweet dreams.


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