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Beaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor

We have previously reviewed Beaker Creatures™ by Learning Resources and the kids are big fans.
Experiments and collectables – what’s not to love?

When we were sent the Whirling Wave Reactor from Learning Resources, they couldn’t wait to get started!

What’s in the Whirling Wave Reactor?

• Whirling Wave Chamber
• Reactor Pod
• Limited-edition colour-change Frostonian (a source of great joy for Aoife)
• Two classification cards
• Mini-poster full of fun science facts
• Experiment guide featuring step-by-step instructions for four further experiments

The Whirling Wave Reactor is suitable for ages 5+and was simple enough for Seth (5) to set it up himself, though Aoife was on hand to help out. Water is involved so I would definitely recommend setting up the reactor on a tray. Despite trying very hard no to, they will spill.

How to Whirling Wave Reactor

I LOVE the simplicity of this particular set, it means the kids can just crack straight on with no faffing.
We all know there’s nothing worse than an impatient child when you have a lot ‘putting together’ to do.

It’s all very straightforward:

• Put the reactor pod into the pod
• Place the pod into the Whirling Wave chamber
• Assemble the lid and crank.
• Fill the chamber with water
• Turn the crank. The faster you turn, the faster the reaction.
• Remove the crank and lid, extract your Beaker Creature from the pod and identify your creature

Although the Whirling Waver Reactor comes with only one Reactor Pod, you can purchase further ones direct from Learning Resources.  The Experiment guide also outlines other simple experiments that can be done with the Whirling Wave Reactor and items you’ll have lying about the kitchen so it’s not a kit that will only be used once.

The Whirling Wave Reactor is suitable for ages 5 – 9 and has an RRP of £16 but you can enter my competition below to be in with a chance of winning your own kit.

Good Luck!

Beaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor





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