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Ooze Labs Slime Experiments


During my childhood years, slime was considered gross – up there with slugs, worms and snot.

These days, as you probably know, slime is a bit of a big deal – making slime is an even bigger deal.

I’ve always tried to avoid it but children have watched YouTube videos, been sucked in and now think it’s the bees knees.

Thames and Kosmos, have created a range of Slime Experiments.
These are single test tube-style packaged experiments (Sunshine Slime, Glitter Slime, Hypercolour Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime), which are priced £4 each suitable for 8+

If you really are a sucker for slime, you can up your experimenting game with an Ooze Labs Chemistry Station, priced at £35 – a meaty kit lets children set up a special laboratory station to mix up some exciting slimy, fizzy, colourful, and bubbly chemistry experiments in beakers and test tubes.

I am not that good a parent though so we are keeping it small and sticking with the test tubes we were sent to review.

Ooze Labs Slime Experiments

Each Ooze Labs slime experiment comes packaged inside it’s test tube – minimal waste packaging which is wonderful! Everything you need to complete the experiment (except for the water) comes inside the test tube – this is by far my favourite thing about Thames & Kosmos kits.

The instructions are simple to follow

  • Put water in the test tube
  • Add powder
  • Stir a bit
  • Shake a lot

The whole process takes maybe 15 minutes so they have some slime to ‘enjoy’ instantly.
Whether you have the Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Sunshine or Hypercolour slime, the instructions contain little facts as to how your slimes superpower works – whether it glows, changes colour or is affected by heat.
The test tube also means the slime has it’s own storage container too so there’s less chance of finding it smeared into your carpet.

Each Ooze Labs test tube is very reasonably priced at £4 each and can be purchased from the Thames and Kosmos website.

You can also be in with a chance of winning Thames and Kosmos Ooze Labs slime by entering my giveaway below!
Ooze Labs Slime Experiment


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