A Practical Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

A year from now, when you think of your wedding, what will you remember most? The guests? The clothing? The food? Or the venue? Weddings are special events that everyone hopes to make a lasting and happy memory of. It is a big deal, expensive, and yet it takes a lot of planning to make that day memorable for you.

There are a thousand things to be done, and renting a venue is at the centre. Looks are significant, meaning everything needs to satisfy you and be easily accessible for everyone. To begin with, you’ll need to choose a venue you and your partner will love. If you are confused about how to start, that’s fine. Here’s a laid-out guide to picking the perfect wedding venue.

Know Your Budget

Before embarking on the wedding planning journey, the first thing is to work out a realistic budget. Having a budget doesn’t sound exciting but going ahead with the plans without one will increase your chances of making mistakes.

Know how much your total budget is and what you would want your entire wedding to be. Then start by dividing your budget into several aspects and adding the right items to the right spot. You might want a lavish wedding or find ways to create a wedding on a budget – either way, knowing your budget is essential when planning.

Talk To A Wedding Planner

Before looking for a venue, you might want to consider looking for a planner. They are very familiar with the items you’ll need. Seek advice from one, so you’ll have prior knowledge of your do’s and don’ts and learn of other creative ways to spice up your event.

Decide On the Location Of Your Wedding

Many people get married in new places, their hometowns, or even vacation spots. So you’ll need to spend time agreeing on what works best. However, it is convenient for a wedding in your hometown as your guests will be comfortable since they are not travelling out for the wedding and neither are they spending money.

Choose A Venue That Aligns With Your Vision

This might seem obvious, but you need to check for venues that perfectly fit the aesthetic you want. If you already have a vision of your best venue, you should stick to it. You can also check out wedding venues in Hertfordshire to find the perfect one for you.

Availability For Your Chosen Date

Once you begin looking for a venue, availability needs to be on your priority list. Some venues even have dates booked 2-3 years in advance. When choosing a date, be realistic because the more flexible you can be, the more options you’ll have. Weekday weddings are becoming increasingly popular, as it helps save on your budget.

You can consider holding your wedding during the weekdays because any guest that wants to come to your wedding will be present regardless of the day of the week. However, you might be lucky when picking your wedding date, as the venue might be free of other appointments.

Ask About Available Deals And Offers

Weddings are costly and also a part of a highly competitive market, which means trying to save money. Some venues can give some form of a profitable deal; an example would be them giving you the bridal suite for the night or lower-cost rooms for guests. Free drinks or canapes and every other offer available will positively impact your entire budget. Some wedding venues in Hertfordshire offer affordable packages to couples, so you can easily enjoy some of them.

Create A Guest List

To choose the perfect wedding venue, you need to know how many guests you expect to invite. If most of the guests say ‘yes’ to RSVP, you might be in a sticky situation if the venue is too small. If you decide to invite 50 guests, then you should begin by writing down the names. You might be surprised to find out how the initial number of 50 can escalate to 100 or drop to 30, affecting your venue search.

When getting a venue, estimate how many you’ll be inviting and how many your parents will want to add. You’ll need to start this conversation early as this will also help you break down your budget since some costs depend entirely on the number of guests you’ll have.

Find Somewhere Private Enough For Your Wedding

It would be nice if your wedding were not held where other events occur. You may distract our guests and make them shift their attention away from you. Check for a private venue to hold your wedding without any distractions. If you can get an event planner, then ensure the venue used is one that’ll see fewer crowds and has little interference from external sources.

Look For Photographs And Videos Of Potential Venues

Unless you are about to use a brand new wedding venue, you can see how your venue will look on your wedding day. You can check for videos and pictures as this will give you expertise on how everything works. Seeing a picture of someone else getting married in the same venue where you are planning to have yours will provide you with a literal view of what it’ll be like.

Consider Parking Options

It is best to ensure that the selected venue has enough parking space for your guests. Also, try choosing a place with enough restrooms. Your guests need to be treated well and comfortably. After all, they left their jobs and families to celebrate with you on your big day. You might want to hire a mobile toilet if there are no toilets.

Stay True To Yourselves

With the increased interest in Pinterest weddings, many couples choose venues based on the style of wedding they fall in love with online. However, this shouldn’t be so, as you need to ask yourselves what feels original to you two and choose a design and concept that represents who you are. Also, remember that, though a venue looks beautiful for a particular theme or design, it doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect for you.


Booking your wedding venue will be a significant wedding planning decision. It will take up much of your time and attention. As you can see, this guide is practically easy to follow. It was created to help first-time couples find the perfect wedding venue without any surprises or disappointments.

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