Nanables Review

Nanables Review

If, like me, you have a child who likes tiny collectables then they are going to love Nanables the newest collectables in town. We were sent a few to take a sneak peek at.

Read to the bottom to be in with a chance of winning your own!

What are Nanables?

The world of Nanables is a colourful, ultra-small, whimsical world of imaginative lands with detailed “eye-candy” dwellings and Nanos – the unique inhabitants who call them home.

Nanables Review Twinkle Twinkle Inn
Twinkle Twinkle Inn

Whether you favour the sugar- coated paradise of Sweetness Town or the vibrant colours of Rainbow Way, these two, tiny themed lands are ready and waiting for you to collect, explore and play. Each land offers their own unique, beautifully detailed dwellings and Nanos who reside within. Every building has an integrated viewer so you can take a peek inside and see what’s going on in the tiny world of the Nanos!

Nanables Review Milk & Cookie Mill
Milk and Cookie Mill


We received six tiny dwellings to take a look at. Aoife (8) is a sucker for anything collectable and miniature so these were right up her street.

Sweetness Town is a world full of sweetness and imagination, from this world we received the Lolli-Pop Dance studio, Milk & Cookie Mill and Dusted Donut Diner. I’m not going to lie, this sounds like my kind of land!

Nanables Review Lolli-Pop Dance Studio
Lolli-Pop Stars Dance Studio

Rainbow Way is where magical, memorable moments are just a wish away – it’s also the home of Rainbow-tique, Sparkle Day Spa and Twinkle Twinkle Inn.

Nanables Review Rainbow-Tique

What we thought of Nanables.

Each Nanable building comes with two Nanos which is great for getting a collection started.

The attention to detail on each dwelling is lovely, they are so well thought out and very pretty – like those amazing Christmas villages you see. Despite being so small the Nanable dwellings are really quite sturdy, they each have at least one unique ‘hangout’ for the Nanos – a balcony, picnic table or doorway.  Not only is this perfect for imaginative play but it makes keeping an eye on the Nanos a little easier.

Nanables Dusted Donut Diner
Dusted Donut Diner

We really liked the integrated viewer in each building – we could see Gammy Glaze behind the counter stocked with donuts in the Dusted Donut Diner or see Foxy Trot practising her moves in the Lolli-Pop Dance studio. It really enhanced the imaginative play, you can also download an app via the Nanables website.
With the app, you can scan your Nanables dwelling and bring the world to life through augmented reality. You can also unlock content, games and activities unique to each house. The bigger the collection the more exploring can be done!

Nanables Sparkle Day Spa
Sparkle Day Spa

Unfortunately the app is only available via the Apple App store at the moment.

The Nanos themselves are tiny – maybe 7mm tall so very easy to lose and should definitely be kept out of reach of any smaller siblings.

Aoife really loved her Nanables, particularly the Sparkle Day Spa – unicorns FTW – and I like that they are reasonably priced meaning that if she wants to continue collecting she can afford to do so with her pocket money.

Nanables are priced at £4.99 each and are available from Smyths, Argos and Tesco.


If you want to be in with a chance to win two Nanables of your very own click here!


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